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Boiling water really does vaporize in sub zero weather

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Have you seen those you tube videos of people throwing a pot of boiling water up in the air and it vaporizes immediately with nothing much hitting the ground? Well it really works. I had to try it yesterday. Wind chill in the minus 40's. It was pretty amazing watching it happen live.

I'm hoping this is the last chance I ever get to try this out.

I did a 2nd pot of water with food coloring in it just to see if you could see it better. It vaporizes so quickly that all you see is a puff of what looks like steam and very little hits the ground.

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lol  Cool take a video, that would be cool and sufficient experience for me.

It was funny watching the step kids reactions. They think I'm nuts anyways. B just shook his head when he saw me put on my boots and coat and grab the pan of boiling water. But .....

The one's on YouTube look amazing. The water coloring sounds cool you could have made a video of it.

On Monday, when it was -30 with the wind chill, my husband's best friend did this on video and posted it on Facebook. Both of my kids wanted to watch the video over and over again. They were amazed, and I'm sure it was much more impressive in person.

Dang!  I should have tried this.  It's a balmy 20 here today and the wind chill is neglible so I missed my chance. It rarely gets to below zero wind chills in MD.

I'll be damned. Cool.

Now you know what I did for entertainment while cooped up in the house. Boiled water and went outside to throw it up in the air.

2 minutes ago, my local news station posted a link on Facebook to a story stating, "At least 50 people across the US have wound up in the ER due to painful burns. Those injured performing the boiling water experiment include two children in St. Louis."

Yeah, you gotta be smart enough to throw it up and away from you. The first time I did it I was a little worried. I tested to see what direction wind was coming from first. I also only used a small 2 qt pot with a fairly long handle.

And not into the wind. It was really windy here.

I would like to do the thing with bubbles.. The kind you blow into the wind.  When it is cold they kinda bounce around without breaking.


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