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BMI poll for everyone!

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Is your bmi considered underweight, normal or overweight? What about your spouse or partner? Do you think that your own bmi and your partner's bmi are correlated?

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I'm slightly underweight. BMI is around 18ish, last time I checked. I plan on getting to a BMI of 20 soon.

Not married. Parents are a bit overweight, sibling used to be overweight.

Normal but on the high side...I'm working on a bit lower.

Now, I'm at the high end of normal BMI, he's actually in the middle of overweight. But when we got together I was obese - he was about the same, maybe a bit slimmer due to more heavy work.

ETA: Correlated? Maybe as time goes by, he'll get smitten by my healthier eating habits. I hope so!

Mine is normal, and it's about the same as everyone else in my family's. Mom's at 19.0, which is .3 lower than mine, my dad is around 20, and my little sister is slightly underweight.

It's at the low end of the healthy range. It's 18.7 currently.

My bf just broke up with me, and I'm actually concerned about losing weight, because I've lost my appetite. His BMI was around 21; he was a skinny guy with little muscle, but a bit of a tummy.

Mine is healthy:)  I am very happy it is not too low or high.

 I used to be at an extremely beyond low BMI and well below the normal normal range due to a Anorexia--but that is the past and now at a healthy BMI.  For a while there I was at a higher range but lost some post Anorexia weight naturally.  :) 

 I am very happy with my weight now and try not to fall into going by BMI since it is so general and doesn't take into account fat and muscle ratios.

I am single.  My parents have always been lean naturally and at healthy BMI's.

I'm just above normal, but I wouldn't consider myself overweight, my 'normal' or natural BMI is the high end for my height. Oddly I don't have a large frame either, more of a small/medium, but I've always been deceptively heavy on the scale despite my actual build.

My ex-bf was underweight most of the time we were together, he had a high burning job (drywall boarding) and couldn't eat enough to keep up. You could have grated cheese on his abs, seriously. Then he started going to school and put on weight to a normal BMI.

He also turned into a callous jerk, hence the 'ex'.

Our weights never seemed to follow a pattern with each other, but I could definitely correlate his jerkiness to his weight gain/class schedule.

@orangeapples: I stop eating when I am stressed too, my throat closes up and I lose my appetite; it's very concerning. I have no history of ED outside of this behaviour, so I just force myself to eat bland easy to digest foods that won't make me feel sick so I have enough energy to keep functioning. Don't let anyone else or their actions affect your health!

Thanks PirateKitty. I am drinking high calorie protein shakes right now, as liquids go down easier, and I'm eating as much solid food as I can get down.

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