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Birth Control Pill warning for anyone over 35!

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Talk about an Eye opening near death event!

Long story shortened: (SORT OF)

I was awaken by what I thought was a Charlie Horse in my leg. didnt think nothing of it.  Went to work the following 2 days, that Sat went to a Christmas Concert. Came home, walked up the driveway, into the house, and felt like I couldnt catch my breath.

I was stupid, didnt call 911, because it only lasted less than a min.  I went to bed, and still didnt quite feel so good on Sunday.

Went to the ER on the recomondation of a neighbor that is a Nurse.  The ER doc suspected a blood clot in my lung. After some testing, I was put on heprin, to thin out my blood.  I was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for 4 days.

I was asked about long plane rides, car rides, etc. each answer was a no. When we talked about birth control pills, well it was the shaking of the doctors head, and just the over all look of discust.

He told me that they are alot more dangerous than we are lead to belive by the drug companies!!!  The doctor even stated " I don't know why  obgyn's still put you girls over 35 on them!" "I've seen too many tragic endings!" (Doctor was a Hemotologist)

Every nurse, doctor, etc that talked with me kept saying the same thing, " Do you know how lucky you are to be here?"

I now realize that DVT kills more people than cancer and aides combine each year! More than 1/2  being needless endings

I am still not able to work because of the medication I am now on is still bouncing around. (coumadin) I will be on it for 6-9 months.

Angry, fustrated, and sadness is what I feel right now.

*Angry that my life nearly ended at 49

* I might miss my first grandchild being born because planes and long car rides are out of the question. 

* Insurance Company had to shell out over $75,000.00 so far

*Fustrated not being able to work (temporary)

*  Sadness, thinking of all the people that have lost their lives because of this medication and didnt have to!

Please, if you ever have a charlie horse, and your leg swells even a tiny bit. GET TO THE ER ASAP! YOU MIGHT HAVE DVT  

Please pass this onto anyone you know. You might just save a friends life!

Thank you so much for reading this!

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hormonal birth control doesn't just cause health problems for people over 35...... it's EVERYONE.

every different kind of birth control ruins lives, and yet doctors hand them out like candy.

please read, everyone.
I haven't been on hormonal birth control since I was, I think, 28...and after my baby was born (in June 06) and he is my last, I had to look at options again (now almost 37 yrs old).  The pamphlet I received from my OB with the side effect list was enough to make me have no desire to go on hormonal birth control.  I showed it to my husband and he said it's not worth it.  Even though I used it in the past I do not have a desire to do it again.

That is a sad story, Kathy.   Feel blessed that your life didn't end and you still have one to live.
It is especially dangerous for women who smoke too, whatever their age. And I am sue many smokers are on hormonal pills.
I am so glad you are okay!

Doctors do need to be careful about making sure the risks of hormonal birth control are understood. I have used it off and on and am happier to use hormone-free birth control. But I am glad that I have that choice.
I know when they advertise them on tv- they do mention something about people over 35- but I had to stop taking them at 20 because my blood pressure got too high and there is history of high blood pressure in my family- after a month or so- it went back to the normal range and they said I could start taking them again but I didn't want to chance it....hubby and I just use "rain coats" but I've been thinking about just getting a IUD- the kind with no hormones- they can stay for I think it was 5 to 7 years...
How do you know if your birth contorl is hormonal or not?  I guess I should look into stuff like this.  We dont want to have kids and we are still really young but I dont want to be on birth control forever because I have always been afraid of what it will do to me.
I had great success with just diaghram.  The 2 times I didn't use it I had 2 great kids!!!  After the girls were born I used the sponge - does anyone remember that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine wondered if a guy "Was sponge worthy" since they had been taken off the market?  They were great for the post partum time until I could be refitted.  After my youngest was a year old I had a tubal ligation.  Got tired of waiting for hubby to get a vasectomy!

New veggie - any prescription birth control is hormonal.  Any bc that has either estrogen or progesterone and sure others are homonal. 

IUD's block the fallopian tubes they need to be implanted by a dr but can be removed.  They too have their own set of complications.

Condoms anyone can buy but if you are allergic to latex some brands can be fatal

Diaphrams have to be sized by a dr and your given a "prescription" but the only chemicals are the spermicide you use.  Its a barrier method similar to condoms.

The patches, pills and the new novaring are all homonal bc methods.
Newveggie- most birth control is hormonal but for the IUD's they have one that doesn't release any hormones and they have some that release a small amount.  The diaphram has no hormones either but my husband doesn't trust those- I just wish he'd get a vasectomy (he's 48) but he's had 2 different operations where the surgeons have messed up (one cut his facial nerve removing a growth by his ear drum) and the other gave him a really bad staph infection when he went in to have his brow lifted since half his face doesn't work- the brow was falling down over his eye. So he tells me in no uncertain terms that NO doctor is messing around with his penis... I can't blame him but it would be nice to not have to worry about "ruining" the moment putting a darn "rain coat" on. And after using them for close to 20 years now....I tell him we could be more spontaneous but even that won't suade him.... I'm due for my "annual" check up anyway...way overdue....
I remember that Seinfeld episode - I used to use the sponge and could totally identify with Elaine.

I heard they might bring it back a while ago, then nothing more.  It was the best b/c!
The risk of clotting is the greatest with oestrogen-based contraceptive,not the progesterone ones
Well for me I am still kind of worried about the health aspect of dumping hormones into my body.  I have been on Depo-Provera for almost 3 years now and while its pretty much perfect when it comes to birth control, I am suffering low libido and slight depression.  Now I dont know if it is the depo or not, but I really dont want to take it any more.  We are looking into vasectomy but I think my husband will hate the idea.  I've mentioned it and he just blew it off.  So I dont know what to do.

I have always heard and known of the risks of BC. Maybe I just read more than the average person, I don't know. ANY time we are given a perscription medication we should do a little research. There are side effects to all medications -- that's a given. Isn't it required that an information sheet be given with the medication? I always have received them. I thought that was some kind of law (maybe I'm wrong). We all have to realize that we can't rely on someone else to watch over us (our doctor, pharmacist, etc.); we have to take charge of our own health. Question your doctor -- don't ever be afraid or intimidated.

They do stress that women over age 35, who are on BC, have a greater risk of DVT, especially if you smoke (not accusing anybody of smoking). It is suggested, though, that you don't smoke while on BC no matter WHAT age you are. Also, ANYBODY can potentially get DVT even WITHOUT being on BC -- even long rides in a car ups your potential.

I would also like to add that we should all try to get along with as LITTLE medication as possible. Drugs are BIG BUSINESS -- you see all the advertising on TV and in magazines. Doctors are ENCOURAGED to dispense them and we are encouraged to ask for them (ads). Myself, I look for alternatives.
I just have a comment about "raincoats": I know EVERYBODY says it "ruins" the moment, but how long does it take to put one on? 20 seconds? I personally don't see how it ruins the moment at all ... If anything, it could heighten the moment because you have to hold back for a few seconds ... just a thought. :P
newveggie - I know so many women who had many complications from depo shots - alot more than pills.  That stuff can really mess you up especially after you stop taking the shots.  Depression can very well be a side effect and low libidio too.
Okay now I'm scared!  What happens when you stop taking depo?  I got my last shot in December and as of right now I dont plan on getting another one (next one scheduled in March).
I am on non-hormonal birth control from India.  It has minimal side effects.

The reason it's not here is no drug company will touch it.  Why?  They can't make money off it!  Everyone is used to paying their $30 a month and the non hormonal stuff (that works just as well as the hormonal stuff) would cost about $3 a month.  No money in that!

It can also be used as an emergency contraception, and you DO NOT throw up!  Actually, nausea, mood swings, blood clots, low libido....... never happen on non-hormonal birth control pills.
It's also used to treat and reduce risk of breast cancer.  Sound too good to be true?  It's not.

But don't expect it here in north america any time soon....... sorry girls..... the drug companies need their billions from us :(

If anyone wants to check it out....... it's called Saheli or Centchroman:

I bought 2 years worth for $40.  Safe, effective, no hormones.  It's a freaking miracle in my opinion (and to the millions taking it in India).
I was on the pill when I was younger, but never went back on after I had my first child. didn't need it-the rhythm method worked just fine for us. we figured that method was fine for us, since if I got pregnant, it was all good-being married and all. lol

my husband got a vasectomy a week after our son was born-he didn't have to wait, and I would have had to. The only visible side effect I had was weight gain, but I was obviously very lucky.
Alayney-  Well- when you've been using condoms for  sooo longggg, it can get quite tedious- can't really be spontaneous- have to always be in the bedroom where they are located because it isn't like I carry them around with me.... I also sometimes miss the feeling of "skin to skin"-  although the last brand I bought was pretty good- I can't remember the name but they were in a purple box with a woman on the front....
Ok, I can see your point. Like if you're in the park and you had no plans to be. Hee hee. I know what you're saying ... 
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