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Bikini as a Bra? Gals with fashion sense please.

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I went to the store today and was checking out the bikinis.  I discovered that the bikini top feels much more comfy than most of my bras.

Now many of the "layering" t's. well are just that for layering, and thin material where you can see through them.  My question is would it be acceptable to wear a bikini top, with these t's instead having to layer them?

I have also noticed some style of the t'shirts are made where they have a halter style tank underneath, resembling what looks like a bikini top.

What do you gals think?  Would it be too cheesy?......or acceptable?

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Are you going to the beach? Will you be at a pool party?

If not, I would vote no. I know this is going to sound harsh, but that just brings to mind too many people I've seen in my life that scream "WHITE TRASH!!!"

It would be fine if u can't see the top and you're using it just as a bra.. but if you can see the bikini top then it would look pretty horrible..don't most shirts cover all the places a bra would be anyway??

I never liked the styles where your bra is showing because girls are overstating themselves.. its MUCH better to be understated than as nasuoni said, trashy!

Bras should never be visible in public.  Ever.

That being said, I think bikinis as bras is ok sometimes. My sister wears her halter bikini top as a bra because she has never found a better halter bra to go under her halter strap sundresses. 

Original Post by sroscoe:

Bras should never be visible in public. Ever.

I know some 12 and 13 year olds who would TOTALLY disagree with you ;)

I, on the other hand, applaud you. :D

My bras are sometimes visible to the public.  If I wear a white and pink shirt, sometimes I'll wear a white bra, sometimes I'll wear a pink bra.  Hell, if the rest of my attire is black I'll wear a black bra.  If someone else sees it, too bad?

I spend so much money on boobie holders, and spend so much time making them, I'll be damned if people don't get a peek.  I may look like white trash, but at least I'm cute white trash.

Original Post by cellulitedelight:

I may look like white trash, but at least I'm cute white trash.

Then you're one in a billion, CD.

cute and trashy do not go together in any look..

if you mean men are oggling your assets, that doesn't mean you are looking cute or nice, it just means that men are oggling your assets.

Thanks ladies!

Style is just that, style.  Old women dont know what it is, and most these young girls just wear the reguritated **** they see on TV... so if you want advice on style be your own judge, and look out for that 16-20 something year old girls that are like i said all carbon copies.

hmmm.... wearing a bikini as a bra sounds much more fashionable than wearing a bra as a bikini! 

I live at the beach and have seen it several times - ladies wearing a bra and board shorts for swimming.  Not the best look!

Hahaha, I'm with you jella! 

I don't think it's trashy if your bra shows a bit.  It really depends on the bra.  I think it looks cool you you wear a shirt that shows a really really funky coloured bra, like neon green.  I'm all for it!  And I'm all for showing a bikini top!  One that's really pretty and fun designs.  It all depends on where you're going.  A family outing with your grandma, I don't know, rollerblading on a nice sunny day, that sounds good to me.

Bra can show a lil.  I wore a black tank top with a purple and black bra today, and rocked some purple eyeshadow to pull it together.  Am I white trash? No. BUT seriously, no strapless bra is gonna hold these puppies up, and I might as well add a little color rather than be boring. 



I hate strapless bras, so If you are wearing a tank top and the bra peeks out, it's ok by me, as long as it's not intentional, and the tank straps are wider than the bra and at least have the potential of hiding the bra.

The best part of being a teacher at a high school with a uniform was I got to correct students if they weren't 'to code'.  The hardest part was when I was away from school at the state fair, surrounded by poorly dressed teenagers and I wanted to yell at them "PULL UP YOUR PANTS" but I couldn't.

My twins strike fear in the hearts of all strapless bras.
I think you're going to find the great divide in this debate is age.  Younger girls think it is ok to show bras nowadays, but older women or just older fashioned thinking women (I'm including my 39yo self in this) still go by the rules that your bra should never ever show through your clothes or beyond your straps lest ye be considered trashy.  That is appaling.  lol

As a not young, not older woman, I would say that unless you are attempting to mirror a Bratz doll, I would not let you bra show or a bikini top show unless you're going to a pool party or making an appearance on Brett Michael's "Rock of Love II".  The same goes for letting your thong, g-string or other underwear show, too.  It's not hot, it just looks like you can't put it all together and/or you're trying too hard.

Have you tried a tank top with a built in bra?  I usually put a nude colored one under any top that I think may show a bra through it.

I don't particularly care to let my straps show if I'm wearing a camisole style tank top, but it's happened and it really didn't bother me - I try not to get so self consious when I dress casual anymore (for business, it's a different deal).

However, I recently purchased an inexpensive bra with "invisible" straps (essentially clear silicone), and it's quite confortable, and there's no visible strap or contrasting color underneath the camisole.

If we're talking about bra straps showing with tank tops, it's ok with me if the bra has a nice strap. Which since most of my tanks are dark-coloured, that would be black and thin.

I'm not such a fan of bras showing otherwise, especially when the back is low on the top and I can see the back strap of the bra. As for the clear strap, I've seen them, and personally would just rather see a thin black strap than a clear one (they aren't really invisible).

Bikini top under a tee is ok if you're going to a park, bbq, beach or something like that, but as a fashion-statement-layering-type accessory it doesn't work for me.

slenderbutts look in post #12 is ok with me, and deifinitely not trashy. "White trash" is a truly deplorable term...
haha I'm young and I think your bra showing is trash.
ooops, I may be wrong about age then.
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