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My bf does not brush his teeth

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Ok, this is really gross. I've been going out with him for 1.5 years now, and have been living together on campus for nine months. Before we left for Toronto, his mom told him many times to remember to brush his teeth everyday. I thought she was just over-caring cause my bf was 25!

However, after we moved in together, i realized he really doesn't brush his teeth! He says in the morning he's always rushing thats why he didnt have time....but on the weekends, he sometimes do, sometimes doesn't. I've asked him to go brush his teeth in a very polite way. and i've asked him why not brush his teeth....he would go brush his teeth once I asked him to but still....shouldn't that be some fundamental personal hygiene thing.....

He just went to the dentist yesterday and surprisingly, his teeth are ok he just needed cleaning! That gave him an excuse to not brush his teeth again! This morning I couldnt help but ask him" Have you not brush your teeth again?" and he got offended. I told him its HIS personal hygiene and I don't want to act like his mom....I was so pissed.....

How do i get him to do that regularly? i mean, i brush and floss after every meal.....and morning and nite.....
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Ewww. My husband used to do this when we were in high school. I just told him I wouldn't kiss him until he started brushing his teeth. I mean, that is just gross!
break up with him.  it's only going to get worse.  if you don't like his personal hygiene get rid of him now before he stops showering and clipping his toenails.

you can't make him brush his teeth.  that's his choice.
I'm just curious??? how on earth did he manage to trick you into being is girlfriend in the first place?? lol  Did his mouth not smell like ass when you all first started dating? 

hmmmm that's just weird.  You can't change someone elses habits.  You gotta take him as an "AS IS" package. 

Do you think HE would still be with YOU if you didn't wipe your ass?? Probably not.  You should use that analogy when you talk to him about it.  ;)
I agree with jewels, It will probably get worse as he gets older. I'm so happy my hubby baths , showers, brushes.  I've heard friends say their husband won't bath. That's just nasty. Tell you boyfriend his breath offends you and you won't kiss him. It that doesn't work get rid of him now. If he has bathing issues already then get rid of him for sure, it's not something he'd improve over time. 
eww Thats just gross!  There is no way I  could be with someone who didnt brush.  Definetly tell him you arent going to kiss him until he does.
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It'll catch up to him, trust me. As a teenager I was very stubborn about it. Then when I was about to turn 22, I found out I had 10 cavities that needed to be filled ASAP, and could possibly require root canal. I lucked out in that none of them required root canal, but going to the dentist every friday for 6 weeks had a huge impact on me.
Its not really about the cavities, its more about respect for the person your with! Taking care of yourself so your decent for THEM is just a basic step towards being ready for relationship.

He sounds selfish. Sure, he doesnt notice if he doesnt brush his teeth... but YOU do.

Whats next? Not cleaning up his mess because HE doesnt mind it? (even though you live there too?) Or telling you where you will go to dinner because thats what he wants and he doesnt consider you?

And then he gets offended or mad when you mention it to him? Instead of understanding why you might actually want him to be clean?

Might sound harsh, but you can do better... as the others said, things can only go downhill (and usually do).
tell him stop being a nasty ass and brush his teeth like grown man. thats just stupid he doesnt do it. if he gets offened then dump him for someone that like to brush thier teeth.

im sorry but there is NOTHING you should ever feel bad about telling someone to brush thier teeth or take a bath if they are not doing it.

its not 1432 or some sh*t

is he mentally ill?

anathema::  that's an understatement!!!  HAS to be something wrong with him.

I'm still curious how he convinced her to be his g-friend in the first place with his mouth smelling like ass.
What gets me is that his mom still has to remind him constantly.  I would have thought she was being over protective too had I been in your situation, but it doesn't look like it.  The boy's not 3.  He should be able to handle something like this at least once a day.  If he can't do that for your sake at least, I agree with everyone who has said it's probably only gonna get worse...
Same response from here.

Stop kissing him.  Not brushing your teeth - NASTY!!!  Eww, morning breath.  All day.  Eww.
My hubby never used to... he ended up with his teeth half rotten and his breath was rank. Now half his top teeth are false. Bad teeth run in his family but still!! Tell him that haha
Same goes for my mother-in-law, minbin.  Ended up with dentures before she was 20.

Where'd gomui disappear to?  I'd like the answer to the question of how someone gets involved with someone with bad breath like that.

Then again, my brother, despite brushing, has some sort of chronic problem which causes him to have horrible breath every now and then.  He's married with a kid.
I think you guys are being a bit harsh on the bf. Yes its gross but their are much much worse things this guy could be doing. Im sure eventually he will change his evil nontoothbrushing ways especially when in the near future he ends up with one hell of a dental bill. I would keep a bunch of gum around for him to chew and if he wants to be intimate with you tell oh no babydoll you go brush those snags then we get it on.

Its non teethbrushing for christsake he hasnt killed anyone or even remotely did anything that horrific to break up with him.
Well, there is a health issue here, and it actually could kill him, believe it or not!

He could develop gum disease. It is now thought that gum disease can cause cardiovascular problems. The bacteria in the gums gets into the bloodstream and travels to the heart. People with gum disease have higher rates of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.

What's more, gum disease is contagious! If he develops it, Gomui would be putting her own health at risk by kissing him.
I would like to see the proof that gum disease is contagious. until then I dont buy it and do you know how many ppl have gum disease out there its tons that dont even realize they have it. You dont have to never brush your teeth to end up with it I do know that I have suffered from gum disease for many yrs and I brush my teeth 3 times  a day my husband doesnt have any problem at all with it and well we kiss constantly and was never told oh no watch out for your spouse he may end up with it.
I found an article to support your claim jen,

but it also says if treated and going to the dentist often its not a problem with transmission.

The bf just went to the dentist had his teeth cleaned and everything was in good shape so i dont think she has to worry about it at this point.
Well, the other thing is, it IS only about brushing his teeth...and it really really bothers his girlfriend that he doesn't do it.  Plus she's asked him to do it.  Something that small, that should only take about 3-5 min a day and he can't remember, or doesn't care to remember to do it for her at least on a semi-regular basis?  I mean, I understand if he forgets once in a while since he's not used to having to remember but all the time?  If I was doing or not doing something that small and easy to fix that really bothered an SO, I'd at least make an effort to work on it for their sake...
And THAT lilsammi, is the difference between you and a man....Lol sorry couldn't help it...

How do you kiss him or even have a conversation with him?



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