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Best place you ever visited or most beautiful place you have been...

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My wife and I have travelled to a few places and always looking for another spot to go for vacations.  We did a fantastic trip through Eastern Europe and one of the high lights was Plitviceka Crotia.  We walked about half a day (4-5 hours) with tonnes of waterfalls and fish at our feet and just a nice forest feeling.  I am wondering where other people of gone and what they have thought.

For pic's of Plitviceka please consult your local google or google earth.


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I found that Niagra Falls was absolutely breath taking. I only wish it was out in the wilderness somewhere so its true beauty could be enjoyed more.

Glacier National Park and The Badlands of South Dakota were mind blowing in their beauty.

I have yet to see the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon would probably be mine.

I've heard amazing things about Croatia, tho. Some day...



The Dingle Penninsula in Ireland, most beautiful place on earth (and according to wikipedia, national geographic agrees with me).

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Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada, in the Canadian Rockies.  There are lots of amazing hiking trails near the lake.

  1. Vancouver. The weather, mountain, sun and beach...*Heaven*
  2. China. The restaurant/price ratio, childhood memories and the shopping in the metro.

The Alps / Bavaria.

Most interesting place I ever visited: Iceland.

Most Beautiful: Scotland.

I particularly liked the Costa Smeralda area of Sardinia.  I stayed at the Hotel Cala di Volpe which was especially nice.  The food was out of this world; the best I've ever eaten.

But I've been to lots of really nice places.

for beautiful - probably a three-way tie with Australia's gold coast, Costa Rica and Ireland.

St. Lucia!

Original Post by floggingsully:

The Dingle Penninsula in Ireland, most beautiful place on earth (and according to wikipedia, national geographic agrees with me).

They also have the best berries.

Scotland. So green and quite and beautiful.

I'd love to see Ireland before I kick. But that hotel linked above looks like a close second.

I remember as a kid riding to Branson in the fall, and the sea of red, orange, yellow, and gold as we went through the Ozark hills was breathtaking, even more so in the morning with the mist rising up and creating light streams with the sunlight.

I also really like the sunset in Jamaica, as viewed from Rick's while drinking good rum punch.

I spent 2 week in Ambergris Caye, Belize several summers ago, and fell in love! I hope to be able to go back sometime.

A picture I took while I was there: /misc/island.jpg

Lake Tahoe.  I lived there for three years and was amazed to wake up there every day.  Closely followed by Yosemite Valley ... magnificent.

I've been to Ireland but it was too foggy to enjoy much of the scenery. 

Grand Canyon.     Emotional......awe inspiring. Pictures don't do it justice. I've been 3 times and hiked into once which included a stay on the bottom in 1977. I'm going back again this year even though its a plane ride. Stay at the lodge at cliffside. Tough to get in but plan 7-9 months in advance. One has to see sunset and sunrise.....its magic.


probably Santorini.  really spectacular, and fun, too!

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