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best kitty litter for multiple cats?

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Now have 3 full grown cats in 1200 sq feet. Two large litter boxes. What's the bets kitty litter to use?

I've been using World's Best for Multiple Cats. It's organic and doesn't really track too badly, and you can scoop/flush (I don't flush but I do scoop). I empty the mess every day and replace the litter about once a week. It's just NOT cutting it in my lil condo. It's also very expensive (spending $40 to $60 per month).

What's the best kitty litter for multiple cats, small spaces?

ps: my cats don't go outside for various reasons, so that's not an option. My old cat didn't even have a litter box as she used the great outdoors, so I am sort of new to this problem. She died last xmas at the age of 22....

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Tidy cat!  It's in a big, yellow tub with a blue lid, and for kitty sake, get the tidy lock!  We thought we found a good deal by getting it in a bag, but didn't notice it didn't have tidy lock, and it works well for the poop, but the kitty tinkle doesn't clump what-so-ever so it just dries out and smells like amonia.
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I have two grown male cats and use Swheat Scoop, a wheat-based litter you can find at larger pet stores.  It's expensive - $35 for a big bag - but it works better than anything I've ever used.  It scoops, and if you clean it out at least once a day (with three cats, I'd hit it twice), you'll never smell it. Also, the best thing about it:  if you keep the box clean, you get no ammonia smell. You can actually miss it for two or three days before you get a faint whiff of ammonia.

A large bag lasts me a little over a month.  I scoop every morning and sprinkle a new layer on top; then, about twice a month, I empty it completely and clean the box.

It seems absurd to pay that much for litter, but it's worth it.  Case in point - I am able to keep their box right off the kitchen in a utility closet. 

i also use tidy cat. i use the bagged multiple cat stuff and it works well. i have a tiny apartment adn you cannot smell it most of the tiem. when you can, i sprinkle some kitty litter baking soda stuff into the box to cover it up.
I use Tidy Cat for Small Spaces and it literally is the best litter on the face of the earth. No smells whatsoever.

Ever Clean!

There's a bunch of different ones and they all get rid of the smell, for the most part.  It is a bit pricey though. 

i have used Arm & Hammer Multiple Cats in the past and it worked GREAT for my cat and roomate's cat, and unfortunately we weren't the best about keeping the box scooped as often as we should have!

the cons, though, are the added fragrance and chemicals, and that Arm & Hammer is a Proctor and Gamble company, which tests on animals! 

Feline Pine or Yesterday's News.

Both are made with recycled materials.

Using a scooping cat litter can cause urinary tract infections in felines.  :(  I swear by Feline Pine and you only need a little.  (AND it can be dumped in the toilet....)  We have three cats and three boxes (they're picky kitties) and we clean them once a week.  Works out perfectly. 

Well I have 2 fuzzballs and I think Tidy Cat small spaces is the absolute best and it only cost around $11!

thank you soooooooo much everyone!! I really appreciate the feedback - and if anyone else has ideas I'd love to hear them.

Sounds like tidy cat is the winner so far -- for smell and price. I've tried to be "good" for the environment and kitties by using world's best for a long time -- but it's just not working for me.

I have to echo the first poster.  We also purchase the Tidy Cat in the plastic bucket, and it works great for my two cats.  The store was out of the that kind, so my husband bought the kind in the bag last time, and I hate it.  As already mentioned, it doesn't clump the urine, so when I do the daily cleaning, the poop scoops up no problem, but the urine soaked litter stays behind and it gets stinky. 
I have some stuff in a cabinet... Mimi Litter.  They're little crystals rather than regular kitty litter, which is supposed to be better for the environment and blah blah blah, I'm not getting up again to read the back of the bag.  But it was four dollars for four pounds, and that won't last long at ALL.

Definitely Tidy Cat, at least for me.  I've never had a cat before Alex's, and when I would go to his house to visit (before we lived together) I never smelled the kitty litter.  I didn't even know he had a cat until the faty jumped up on my lap and broke my thigh.  Well, she's not that fat.

Even she agrees that it has to be Tidy Cat with Tidy Lock.  We have a version of Tidy Cat right now, and it's not Tidy Lock (we went the cheap route and bought the giant bag for five dollars) and she's a total princess.  If she even smells the hint of her own tinkle in the box, she won't go in it but rather on the carpet.  I've been scrubbing the closet floor all morning because of this attitude of hers.

The tidy lock is very fine, and it clumps the tinkle so you can scoop it out, and it doesn't break apart when you scoop it.  And I live in an even smaller apartment than you.  700-ish square feet.  When we have the tidy lock, it never smells in here.  Once we used the Tidy Cat without tidy lock, my parents noticed immediately when they stepped through the door that we changed the litter somehow, and it wasn't for the better.

Unfortunately we're still cheap and saving our money for hard times, so Raven is doomed to the kitchen via baby gate that she's too heavy to jump onto and over.  It's easier to clean up kitty mess off the kitchen floor than the carpet.  I argued sanitary with Alex and originally wanted her in the bathroom, but she crapped in the bath tub and the sink, as well as the floor and left her kitty litter spotless.  That just doesn't work out for me.

Once we're out of the cheap stuff we'll try letting her roam free throughout the day, but I still don't trust her and she will spend her nights in that kitchen.

One benefit to that story, though, is now our kitchen is always cleaned twice a day whereas we were lucky to pick up a sponge in there once a month.

Look for the Tidy Cat with tidy lock!  The blue-lidded tub smells better than the red and the green.
OK, you've sold me on the Tidy Cat with Tidy Lock - blue lid only. I am heading to Target asap!! Report to come soon on the results :)

Thanks again everyone!!!
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