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Is Benifiber good for you?

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I know your suposed to have like 25-30 grams of fiber a day, but some days its just not possible.  I was curious what some peoples thoughts of benifiber Are.  It seems that something that even dissolves in water just couldn't be the same as eating a veggie packed salad for fiber.  Just curious of your thoughts!
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I use a fiber supplement called Prodiem.  It's only 4 calories per tsp and I take 2 tsp per day.  I'm sure it would be better to get the fiber from a natural source of whole grains and the such, but I just can't seem to meet the minimum 25 g on my own.  I am not a cereal eater and hardly eat any bread, so I don't know where else to get that much fiber.  I eat a ton of vegies, but it still isn't enough.

I added in the Prodiem because I've been very constipated with the change in eating habits.  It seems to be helping.....

How does everyone else get their fiber in?  I don't think I've ever met the 25 g minimum....

I mix Benefiber into my drinks.  I think it's okay.  I bought it when I was pregnant to prevent constipation and I got the one with added calcium.  A serving size is 1 1/2 tbspn, and that has 3g fiber.  It's probably healthier to just eat a fruit or veggie with a comparable fiber content, but sometimes I'm just not hungry anymore, so I mix it into a drink.  One serving has 25 calories, though, so don't forget to log it into your food log. 
Here are a few food suggestions for ya, kseiss!  :)

I eat potatoes w/skin, veggies, fuit (pears have 4-5g), whole wheat noodles, oatmeal (9g per serving), La Tortilla factory whole wheat tortillas (14g and 80 cal, no fat, per serving), and lots of different kinds of beans (5-8g of fiber per serving).  I had 43g of food-based fiber yesterday and only 1380 calories. . . . I used to only eat like 15g a day, but have consciously been working on upping that a little at a time.  I average about 30g a day. . .  

If you want more foods, just ask!  :)
I eat a fiber cereal.  I thought it would be seriously nasty, but it's actually pretty good (Trader Joe's Fiber Os if anyone cares).  I also like PB&J on whole grain bread.  I found out that "california brown aromatic rice" (not sure what the dif. is between that and some of the others) has 21% of the RDV and it's actually good.  I had previously only tried brown short grain rice and I hated it.

I'm also a fan of soy beans just in general.  They also have a lot of fiber in them.

I've never tried benefiber, though.
I use Benefiber everyday. I am on a liquid/veggie diet and the doctor said I have to have fiber and safflower oil. So I mix it in with a drink everymorning. Everything has been coming out okay :):):):) I bought a big canister of it at Sam's Club saved me money in the long run.
I am a faithful lover of this stuff.  I take a TBSP a half an hour before every meal and it cuts my hunger out by about 25%.  In addition to my normal whole grains and fruits and vegi's.  It is pure tastless and I can't stand plain water, so I either mix it in with the light version of hawaiian punch which is 10 calories per 8 oz., or lipton green tea citrus diet.  You will consume almost 25% less of your intake in calories per day by doing so, atleast I am.  Along with it makes you regular, but a bit gas-sey if you consume too much at once.  If you are new to this, try cutting it down to half the recommended dosage for the first few days and then gradually add until you reach the desired dose.  It has worked wonders for me!
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