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I heard a Pink interview where she talked about a dinner party game she plays called BDG's ... Brag, Desires, and Gratitudes.  Each person shares at least one of each - helps us to remember that there are so many good htings in life even when things seem tough



Who would like to share a BDG?


BRAG - I ate SO balanced and light yesterday all day that I was able to have real oil popped popcorn last night as a snack .... without going over calories or carb counts for the day!  It was AWESOME!


DESIRE - that by the time I need to buy a new wet suit, I will not have to custom order it because of my size


GRATITUDE - Even tough I am technically overweight, I am fit and healthy, I am adventurous nad I am DONE having my weight stop me from doing things I want to do!  Like scuba dive!

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Original Post by nancybehrend:

  Like scuba dive!

hey fellow diver!! i got certified last spring, and i plan to get out there diving as much as possible this year!


I am just learning to dive so this is my first season!  I can hardly wait!  Where are your fav places to dive?

Brag: I have lost 13 pounds since the beginning of the year and have rediscovered my love for fitness.

Desire: To get back into my size 8 pants and shorts. I'm close, but not quite there yet...

Grattitude: Thankful for a loving fiance and our upcoming 10 day vacation!

BRAG - my pants are getting a little loose!


DESIRE - to have a peaceful and relaxing rest of hte week, quiet, calm .....


GRATITUDE - To have  a cafe in our work building where I can get a healthy lunch when I don't have the energy to pack!

brag - I wanted something sweet and comforting last night for a snack and I decided to make a bowl of low sugar apple cinnamon oatmeal ..... it was crazy that I chose that!  But another brag - I no longer have the naughty foods in my house so this was really mo only choice besides sugar free jell-o


desire - to eat a large pizza and a bag of cheetos or potato chips or doritos



gratitude -  i love and adore my husband who has been so wonderful this week - I am in a little bit of a low energy period this week and he's been so patient

Brag- I've lost 25lbs in six weeks.

Desire- to continue losing at this rate (though I know it's unrealistic).

Gratitude- having an amazing boyfriend despite his living 3- 5 1/2 hours away (depending on which train I take). 

BRAG -  5 1/2 weeks til our CRUISE


DESIRE - it would  be amazing to lose 10 pounds by then .... lofty goal I know but I will do my best and see what the scale returns


GRATITUDE - the company who bought us out has a very progressive health nad fitness organization and I plan to take advantage!  So nice to work for a company who understands that healthy employees are productive employees!

BRAG - I had a big ice cold milky bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch last night and still lost weight. =) Also, I can sprint and not look like a linebacker.


DESIRE - To go a size down in my hockey girdle. Large is too tight, XL is getting loose. Almost there!


GRATITUDE - I am getting healthier and have a warm house and roof over my head. I have a boyfriend who loves me so much. Sometimes it's the little things in life that are truly wondrful.

Original Post by nancybehrend:

I am just learning to dive so this is my first season!  I can hardly wait!  Where are your fav places to dive?

 i just got certified last year, so the only places i've been able to dive are local (south of boston area). but i've snorkeled the great barrier reef and the carribbean, and i am DYING to dive there! it's such an awesome feeling :)

Boston must be some cold diving!


We will be in the Eastern Carib on a cruise in April and hope to dive at St. Thomas/St John .... aaaaahhhhhhhhh warm water and gorgeous fish and coral!

nancy - glad you started this thread again.

Brag - I am on my 4th week of my gym membership and I am just as excited about going as I was the first week.

Desire - To see better 'pound' results on the scale.

Gratitude - One of my co-workers who is encouraging me.  He knows I am so upset about the scale not budging but he reassures me that I am doing things right and I must be patient.

Hey lovingmylife24 - welcome back ... isn't it hard to NOT base success on the scale?  Patience is a virtue, your hard work will pay off!



BRAG - 2 coworkers told me that I look skinnier this week!  Hooray!


DESIRE - to stay focused on the prize and not lose momentum as the year goes on


GRATITUDE - for my trainer and nutritionist at Lifetime Fitness who give me undying support anad encouragement - if anyone has Lifetime Fitness around them, JOIN ... it's an amazing company





DESIRE - to feel good about myself every day for hte rest of my life


GRATITUDE - thank goodness I am being kept busy at work - in the middle of a buy out and idle hands make for an increased chance of a lay off .... please don't let me lose my job!  I'd have to stop going to my personal trainer!!!!


BRAG - Got mu body composition tested yesterday with personal trainer - since starting with Miguel the Wonder Trainer in December I've lost over 8% body fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



DESIRE - same as every day, to mkae it through just this day being happy nad proud of all the deicisions I make regarding food nad drink


GRATITUDE - for cold snowy weather in Atlanta yesterday which inspired me to make a big pot of lentil soup and a pot of bison chili to eat on this week

BRAG - I did 3 sets of 10 PULL UPS (ok they were assisted by my trainer, but STILL) ..... PULL UPS

I've never ever done them before, not even as a kid!


DESIRE - to not feel so tired and worn out this week


GRATITUDE - for davematthews band music which helps me concentrate and stay focused at work when I am listening with headphones!

brag - friends came over for dinner last night nad I did NOT have any wine or vodka ......


desire - to look better in the wet suit i just got!


gratitude - for sushi loving friends who helped me stay on track for dinner last night with lots of sashimi!  All that protein with none of hte rice carbs!

Hi Nancy!!! It's Jen :)

Brag - Not drinking soda in four weeks!!!

Desire - That I will feel better about myself. I am on my way!!!

Gratitude - This website that Nancy turned me onto because it has helped me by giving me a day to day goal. And for Nancy who has been the best support a girl can have!!!


Aw shucks


BRAG - started new "threshold" cardio training yesterday and you know what?  I RAN ON THE TREADMILL .... one minute bursts every 3 minutes  for 50+ minutes .... I was amazed that I could run for a whole minute!


DESIRE - a nap and no alarm clockss for a year


GRATITUDE - Mother Nature is about to deliver Spring to Atlanta!!!!

brag - hmmm, well i was very good yesterday keeping to my calories even tho it was a stressful day/evening


desire - for life to start being smooth sailing!


gratitude - for our cleaning lady who was in Russia for a month but is back TODAY and the house will finally be uncovered from the layers of dust

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