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What are YOUR bad habits?

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Mine include:

-My recent obsession with Lo-carb Monster energy drinks (this is bad, I know, but I seem to want one everyday for the last month now!)

-I chew wayyy too much gum everyday.  Probably 8-10 pieces (all sugar-free of course).  It's a result of being bored at work--better than eating something!

-Needing to eat something sweet after dinner every night, no matter how full I am.  And I always end up eating too much of it.  My sweet tooth is never satisfied!

-Tanning beds.  I say I'm going to stop every year, then I get pale and feel gross and I'm back at it.

-Picking at EVERYTHING.  My boyfriend calls me the resident mouse.  "Oh, the mouse got into the bread, AGAIN!"  Whoops.

What about you?  Anyone have tips on the best ways to stop a bad habit?

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I avoid housework way more than I should, and am therefore a bad example for my children. We have stuff everywhere (but I'm not a hoarder, nope, not at all...)

-SMOKING! ugh, such a bad habit, I soooo need to quit.

-I'm fairly incompetent when it comes to social niceties. Thank You cards, birthday gifts, timely RSVPing, bringing something OTHER than a store bought fruit platter to a pot luck, etc etc, all these social graces are incomprehensible and beyond me.

-I'm a terrible gossip/s*** stirrer. My life is so stable and drama free, I have to vicariously live through other people's drama, and stick my nose in other people's business-all for the lulz.


  • Pretty asocial, into the asperger's category <_<
  • avoiding housework like the plague, i will never iron in my life
  • lazy, and usually give up things halfway
  • cheapskate
  • never happy
  • cannot resist temptations in the house. I can not buy it at the store, but if we have it, I'm eating it all. 
  • ...


I complain about my bad luck too much. And I'm an extreme tightwad... I never learned how to buy things.

I procrastinate - a lot.   

I'll get around to listing the others later......

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Slouching... Ugh its horrible i have no idea how to break it;(

Eating funyuns.. Im addicted to them;(



-Grossness ahead: I pick at my lips. Like if there's a bit of dead skin there, I will remove it. I've never known anyone else that does this until I changed jobs last year and one of my current co-workers is also afflicted.

-Eating too much. I just can't seem to figure out (or want to figure out) when to stop.


I'm too critical of people.


Original Post by kevinatthebrook:

I'm too critical of people.


Especially of me.

  1. I tend to murder people rather than just tolerate them.
  2. I have a whole back room full of clothes made from human skin, that I'm honestly never going to wear.
  3. Drugs...I do way to much drugs.
  4. Drinking and driving blindfolded.
  5. Roller skating on the freeway.
  6. I punch babies.
  7. If I'm stuck on a train with a cute gal, I probably will touch her inappropriately...more so than I should.
  8. Masturbating at the liabrary.
  9. Sometimes I wear halloween costumes when it's not halloween.
  10. I light things on fire.
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  • brazil nuts, trail mix, and raisins
  • i tend to blow up my face when thinking, especially in public
  • slouching
  • dragging my feet when i walk
  • forgetting to put in my retainer "forgetting" ;)
  • occasionally not saying brb or bye in text msgs or fb conversations
  • i collect pens. and don't even use them..


Original Post by stir_shy:

  • i collect penises. and don't even use them..


Oh I forgot one...I'm easily amused.

I work too much.

Corollary, I don't spend enough time with the dogs.

I love sugarfree Rockstar...but I limit these to maybe one or two per three month period. I was hooked on them daily for a while, but they send my anxiety out of whack, which is not good.

I still kinda smoke a bit. I need to really stop completely because it begins with a little here or there, and next thing you know, I'm out of control again. I cannot do most things only a little.

Which brings me to my next big issue. Sugar. I liken my addiction to carby crack to what an alcoholic must feel. If he can't have just one drink, I cann't have just one piece of cake, cookie, I avoid them completely like a horrible plague.

Yes of course, I indulge once in a while just to keep life worth living, part of my daily diet? Oh heeeeeeeeeeellll no. I tried once, while counting calories, but it didn't work for me. Portion control? with carbs? Hahaha!

So, I went low carb, Thank God.

I don't chew gum, but I did chew my nails for eons. Now, for the first time ever, I have long, strong, nice nails that I did not purchase. I make sure to have a manicure once a week or so and do not touch them otherwise.

Procrastination..I'll describe that later.

Being bad at bed time. Like a five year old. Oh, oh! I just want to see this show, a game a little longer or maybe browse the web for something super important like "Would you die if you drank pee" and the next thing I know, it's 4 AM and my whole next day is wrecked.

Diet soda. I hope to be buried with a case of Coke Zero.



I procrastinate. And I have an inability to spell words correctly. Drives my teachers crazy! :) and I tend to tune people out and just listen to music! My true friends.. Well they don't really understand because they are always talking, but they deal with it. I hate silence. If there is a silence for more than about 30 seconds, I plug in my headphones
I'm indecisive. I make decisions all day at work and a bad one can get me canned at any time. When I'm away from work, I really don't want to make anymore decisions.

I'm also fairly neurotic.
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you frighten and confuse me my darling, but then again sarcasam is hard to transfer into a computer!

  • I love smoking.
  • I tend to judge people a lot, inside.
  • I roll my eyes when I think something is just incredibly dumb, sometimes without realizing it. 


Original Post by caloricat:

Original Post by stir_shy:

  • i collect penises. and don't even use them..


Oh I forgot one...I'm easily amused.

Yes, you are, and you amused me today. Thanks.

consuming entirely too much trail mix and/or granola in one sitting

picking my feet

trying way too hard to make friends

Original Post by catwalker:

Yes, you are, and you amused me today. Thanks.

I was going to list that I tend to just empty my bowels in public places rather than look for bathrooms...but apparently Melkor and the elderly lurkers get offended by fecal discussions.  To each their own I guess.

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