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Ever have a bad birthday?

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Today is my birthday.  First of all I am trying to not be depressed about it, because relatively speaking if I live to be 80, then 37 is still pretty young.  Right?  But today kind of bites.  My son (who is 3) is sick.  Monday he complained of a stomach ache and then ran a fever in the middle of the night.  I took him to the doctor, and they tested him for the flu (it came back negative although he has all the symptoms).  Now we are on our 3rd, almost 4th day of fever (today it is 103).  Also, my hubby is out of town on unavoidable business.  We are not sure when he will be back, could be tomorrow, or could be Tuesday.  He didn't have a choice, so I can't be upset about it.  He feels pretty bad about it, and sent me flowers.  I usually don't like to get flowers, but I have to give him some brownie points this time.  I guess I just need to vent.  And throw some sort of party for myself, even if it is a pity party. 

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Happy Birthday!

Yes, my last birthday was a bummer. Hopefully when your husband gets back and your child is better, you can go out and celebrate together. We did that...not on my birthday but helped. A birthday is a celebration of you...and I don't believe it MUST take place on the date...

Hope your son feels better !

Happy Birthday :)

I think you should totally do something for yourself. Can you get someone to watch the kiddo and go see a movie or.. something? Anything?

Barring that, can you plan something last minute for this weekend?

First of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I'm so sorry this isn't a good birthday...that's never any fun.  I think it's completely normal to feel how you do.  Go ahead and pity party all you want.  It's supposed to be your special day and your husband's not there and your kid is sick.  That's not how it's supposed to be!  So yeah, not the best of birthdays at all. 

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

As far as some one watching the kiddo? Well, my family is treating my son like a leper, so they won't get anywhere near him, hence no baby sitter until he is better.  They were going to take me out to dinner tonight, but that is off. Hopefully he will be better soon.  I am trying to work out getting my 6 year old to her soccer game Saturday.   (if he is not better) She also had 2 birthday parties to go to and may miss them.  I am really hoping she doesn't get sick too.  Or me!  My husband and I were going to try to go on a date, but it is all contingent on when he gets back and if the kids are well.  I do think I will order pizza tonight.  (and not worry about the calories:)

I've had some really sucky birthdays, and sometimes the only solution is to decide that today isn't really your birthday.  I would reschedule your birthday for some day in the next few weeks (which is nice, because you can work around everyone's schedules.)  I've had to do this several times.  

  My first rescheduled birthday was moved when I was 15 because I was in the hospital with a broken sternum and two broken ribs.  

  When I turned 21, I was living in a small town about 3 hours from where my friends lived.  We had made loose plans the week before to go to the bars, so I drove up there on the afternoon of my birthday.  Nobody was home.  I couldn't find anyone, and felt really upset that I didn't have a house in town anymore.  This was before we had cell phones, so nobody could reach me.  I drove home, really upset.  Of course, there were six messages on my answering machine when I got home asking why I hadn't come to town.  I had just had bad timing when I got there.  By that point I'd worn myself out driving and getting upset and didn't have enough energy to drive back.  We rescheduled my birthday and had a great time celebrating the next weekend.  

  A few years ago I rescheduled it again because my sister had a major surgery two days earlier.

 I've started rescheduling it in advance lately, especially when it falls on a weekday.  It's a lot more fun to have your birthday on a Saturday.  

Happy birthday, whenever you decide to celebrate it!

Sorry that your birthday is not going well!  Have the pizza tonight and enjoy it, then celebrate with your husband when he's back in town.  And dont worry about having a pity party!  Thats allowed.

As for having a bad birthday... well on my last birthday my Dad died.  That is pretty much the crappiest thing that could happen. Sometimes you have to just deal with the crap and move on knowing that it will get better.

Have a good day! :)
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My birthdays have been universally bad since like 13.

Happy Birthday.  I don't know that I've had a good birthday in a very long time, so I can sympathize with you.  As for your son, I went through this with my son in February.  The fever can last for up to a week and it can run high.  We had to give him both tylenol and motrin.  We went to the ER 2x.  I just could not get his fever down!!!!  Finally, it came down and he slowly got better, so hang in there!

Birthdays seem to loose the sparkle after you turn a certain age anyway.  I'm looking foward to my 80th, I may have something to really celebrate :)
i had to work on my last birthday. then we went out and my now EX boyfriend punched a guy in the face at the bar we went to. my birthday ended with my crying. boo.

i plan to make up for it hardcore this year. i LOVE birthdays! 

hope it gets better for you 2sooners! happy birthday!!!
Happy birthday!! Hopefully it gets better :)

On my 21st birthday I was in labor for 15 hours which was pretty bad but the end result was great!

Now I'm lucky if anybody, besides my twin sister, even remembers it's my birthday too lol
My 21st birthday was the worst.  I was supposed to have a date with a guy, to start in the afternoon.  He never showed up and I waited the whole day at my apt alone.  My parents and family lived 3 hours away from me.  After he didn't show up for a few hours; I decided to go into work (at a bar at that time) and none of my freinds came by for shots-  not even a call!  That was eight years ago; and still I remember how bummed I was.  Make next year's birthday better!!  And remember; it's OK to want a big birthday and people to remember and shower over you!!

Since I know how you feel (lonely and sad_  I'm sending you a big (pregnant) birthday hug!!

Happy birthday! I hope your son feels better soon and you avoid getting his lurgy.

I am having a bad birthday this year. Hasn't happened yet, but I know it will be bad. Why? It heralds the beginning of my final exam period - 5 exams in 5 days - with the exam in the class I am really, really bad at. GOOD TIMES.


I know how you feel. THis past birthday was horrible. I had a mental breakdown in Red Lobster when I refused to eat my meal because I was terrified of gaining weight, and then when I went home and ate some cake I couldn't taste it at all. This all resulted in a massive binge the following day. So yea, it happens to all of us at some point in our lives. And you are not old! So enjoy that part of your birthday at least, and I hope the rest of your life is completely void of bad birthdays. :0)

Happy birthday! :)

I have been throwing up on my birthday since I came into existance. My family bakes a cake for me anyways :3
Let's see, sucky birthdays...

I had all four (impacted) wisdom teeth broken and taken out on my 18th (it was then, or on Prom).

Then, on my 21st, I almost died from complications from surgery.

I've got my 23rd coming up here in a few months, and I just want to end without a hospitalization.

Alright, at least you guys have given me a few laughs. (wow, I have no life)   I know things could be worse, but think I will extend the pity party until midnight anyway *sigh*

Okay, my pizza kind of sucked.  They screwed up the toppings.  Figures, huh? I wanted spicy Italian sausage and it was some regular hamburger.  Of course I picked it off and ate some anyway.  But to top it off, I just talked to my in-laws (whom I love dearly). They went to my favorite Japanese restaurant without me.Cry

Any more bad birthday stories would really cheer me up.  (just so i know i am not alone, not that I enjoy other people's misfortune)


My last one was started out horrible. I woke up and cried because of my weight (even though I'm "recovered" I still have all of my self-loathing anorexic thoughts), even though I know its ridiculous and there's no need to fret over it. I did go to a sushi restaurant with ten of my friends which was nice.

Let me start off my saying that I love birthdays.  I have a HUGE family & I go out of my way every year to at least send them a birthday card.  We arent talking 5 or 6 people, we're talking 35-40 & every one of them gets a card from me-EVERY ONE!  I am the oldest on both sides of the family so you would think that it would be easy to remember, but no.

This past year, my own mother forgot.  My brother, who's birthday is 2 days after mine forgot.  I even had a big cookout at my house & baked my own birthday cake-NOBODY SHOWED UP!!!  You wanna know why??  Because it's just Chrissy, that's why.  I am so easy to get along with & a go-with-the-flow type of person.  I dont get mad at people or raise my voice & yell when I get mad.  I just let things roll off.  I guess people figure if I DO get mad, I wont say anything & wont call anyone out on it.  A few years ago, I decided to have everyone at my house for a Father's Day get-together.  I invited EVERYONE.  We had a Mother's Day gathering at my grandparent's house & that's when I told everyone about it.  I overheard some of my aunts talking about it & one aunt asked the other one if she thought she was going to go & she said and I quote,"Nah, it's just Chrissy. And it's on a Saturday.  I like to sleep in on Sat."

I hope you have a better birthday next year.  I hope your son gets better soon too.  I'll light one extra candle for you when my birthday rolls around again in August.


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Happy Birthday!!! I am sure by now it's belated...Neways...I have been having bad birthdays since I can remember...My parents and I would go to Italy every summer and since my birthday is in August, I would end up celebrating it there...I had to share my birthday parties with my cousins, whos birthdays were in august as well...Neways every year, my mother would order a birthday cake separate for me because i have a nut allergy...Every year, I kid you not, they would put nuts around my cake, and I could not eat it... For my 21st birthday, my parents took my family, my fiance and I to Las vegas. My fiance got the flu the first day we arrived, and I had no choice but to stay with him. At this point I knew the rest of my birthdays to come would be awful. Tomorrow is my birthday(august 9th) and tonight my husband and I are suppose to be going out to dinner...Well, we missed our reservations because he had to finish some work up. I am not even in the mood anymore. I might as well go to bed...!!!!

Yep, sure have, for various reasons. I just try to enjoy my children's birthdays instead.

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