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How much do babysitters usually charge?

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For people who have babysat, or hire a babysitter, how much would you pay a high school student (hourly) to watch your children?

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In my area it is $10-15 depending on experience, number of kids etc

oh yea... it REALLY depends on

the number of kids

the ages of said kids

the number of hours you'll need the babysitter for

if it's during the day/night (night time is usually more)

if the children will be watched at THEIR house or the sitter's house



If the sitter sets their prices TOO high... then it can be beneficial to just take the children to a child care setting.  it's cheaper, there are experienced providers there, you KNOW that (or hope that lol) your kids are being watched at all times, are being fed, given stimulating activities to do and have access to play with other children  :D

are YOU looking for a sitter or looking to babysit?

When I babysit, I charge $50 an hour, I don't do dishes, laundry, change diapers, change clothes, or bathe the child, and I also require a gourmet dinner be prepared in advance for me to dine on while I pop the baby's bottle up with a fork.

And this is why nobody asks me to babysit. :D

Well, if there were a high schooler that were qualified to watch my kids, I would certainly pay them a lot - probably about $20-25 / hr.  However "qualified to watch my kids" means knowing how to look after a 6 year old autistic boy who is non-verbal, and deal with a very energetic and stubborn 8 year old.  If both of them really like said high school student, that makes them golden, and they could probably set their price. (Not that I can afford that now, or anything.)

In my area though, barring special circumstances like above, I understand that the going rate is about $15/hr depending on number of kids.

I agree with the person who said 10-15 dollars.

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For a high school student I would start at what ever minimum wage is, and go up from there depending on distance babysitter has to travel, number of kids, expectations (help with homework, make food, drive?) , difficulty and ages of kids ect.  Pay more for experience and such.

When I was in high school (10 years ago), I didn't drive, so the parents would have to pick me up and drop me off.  They'd also have to be home by 11 since I had to be home at 11:30.  Just to hang out and play with 2-3 kids (and at least attempt to get them to bed), I'd charge $10/hr. If the kids were bratty I'd say no the next time.

I babysit regularly and started out making $10/hour for 3 kids during the day (after school), as I was with the family longer it got raised to $12. The kids were also 4, 6, and 8 so there were no diapers or anything.

I live in nyc and my son is in a daycare.  The lady charges me $25.00 a day and I have him there for 9 hours a day.  My girlfriend has her child in one and they charge her 160 for the week.  So I guess it all depends on the sitter and the experience. 

I pay $10/hour for four kids ages 11,9,6,4. 

I've been a babysitter since I was 14, so its been almost 4 years. I know all the rates differ depending on how much the parents are willing (or can) pay you. Pretty much the average, I get paid (and I drive there so usually it is a little higher because of gas money) is this per hour

For a night out at least 2-5 hours (money per hour)

1 kid about $6-7

2 kids $8

3 kids $8-10

4 or more at least $10

For a whole day (at least 8 hours)

Depending on kids etc divide the money in half and multiply it times hours

For example 1 kid would be $3 per hour times 8 hours would be $25 (rounded up)

If you are looking for a babysitter, ask them what they charge. If theyre not sure look at these estimates. If their response is a lot higher, say for 1 kid $10/hour, then they either are a very good babysitter or babysit for rich parents. If your not willing to pay that high, just pay a few dollars lower then their price or simply ask would this amount be alright. If its lower, stick to these prices, they'll get a nice surprise.

If you are a babysitter, depending on your age and if you drive, these are good reasonable estimates. If they ask you what you charge, use these estimates. If they dont, let them pay you once, then if its not enough, the next time just politely remind them how much you charge.

wow i remember when i would babysit i'd only get $5 an hour!

I used to get $3.00 an hour...


I must be really, really old because I remember babysitting for 50 cents an hour. 

The last time I babysat for money, I was 25 years old, very experienced, able to drive/cook/perform first aid etc. I took care of twin toddlers while the parents went to a festival and they were so happy to have a day to themselves they paid me $150.

Now, the only people I babysit for are friends and they don't pay me :(

Original Post by kae03:

I used to get $3.00 an hour...


 i used to get $3 an hour for watching my little sis!

now, for one or two kids, i'd say $10 would be reasonable...

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I have a question about babysitting too. I am 19 years old, I have been in multiple child care classes and I am majoring in education. I babysit for three VERY active children, a 12 year old, 10 year old and five year old. I prepare dinner and feed them every time I'm there. I also commute from the city to watch them every weekend. Right now I am being paid $10 an hour and I have been watching them for over 6 months. Is $15 a reasonable price to ask them to raise it to?

Original Post by teacup5:

Is $15 a reasonable price to ask them to raise it to?

Well, on the one hand you've added to your experience and education, but on the other that 10 and 12 year old are probably getting more independent all the time.  And keep in mind that, depending on the job situation with the parents, they might be watching their spending like everyone else.  Be careful about making demands they aren't capable of or prepared to meet.

And 50% is a healthy raise.  I would recommend bringing it up with them casually and getting some feedback.  If they won't do the full extra $5, maybe you can work out adding some kind of mileage reimbursement for the commute.  

Just my .02...

I agree with Santo. I think asking for $5 more is a bit much. I would bring up a raise with them and see where it goes. But with the mileage reimbursement, if you had a regular job you wouldn't be reimbursed unless you were driving for that job. If you're carting the kids around, definitely ask for some sort of reimbursement.

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thanks for your input. and regarding the "watching your expenses", the father is the senior doctor at the hospital my mother works at so their family is very well off, I did consider that as well.

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