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Average bra size?

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I was reading Woman's World, and one page, they said the average bra size in America was 34D. Is it just me, or does that seem a little crazy? 34D is supermodel proportions, not of the average woman. What do you guys think?

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that cant be right....especially the size 34.  I am sure there are a lot of people with D's (not me) but they usually are not a size 34. That stat jsut seems crazy.  I'm with you on this one!
since the avg woman is chubby and short, and a 34 D is pretty much the same as a 36 C or a 38 B-- i think its probably pretty close.

and I would give a lot to be back down to a D ;) of any number...
I'm with you, Sparkles.  34D sounds way to small and way too big, respectively.  I could buy it if it was something more all around larger, since so much of America is obese and, as evidenced by the "Bye bye, Boobies" post, bra size is influenced by weight.   I wonder where they got that from. 
geez. that seems large. i always thought i was average (34C)
Whoa! That is a guys dream! ;0)

I doubt it. Maybe for people they may have in the magazines, but real women, I doubt it.

bill (wonders who gets the job to find out the average sizes?)
"The average breast size in America has recently increased from 34B to 36C. This coincides with the increase in dress size. The fashion industry typically designed clothes for a size eight, B-cup woman. With the obesity epidemic, the average American female wears size 14 or 16. No surprises here. Breast size is determined by fatty tissue. The more fatty tissue in your breasts, the bigger they are. In essence, naturally large breasts are nothing more than fat deposits."

From Vanderbilt University, source here

And since a 34D is the roughly the same as a 36 C (more or less)....

Edit: But another site says still a B cup avg (and all sorts of other um interesting averages), find it here
Could be . . . I'm way bigger than that now, but when I was in college and an athlete (approx 130-140 pounds, 5'7"), I was a 34DD.  :D

Wouldn't mind getting back there!  ;)
Before I gained weight, I was a 34D

But doesn't it seem like the most common size is whatever size you are shopping for, because it's always gone and all those other sizes are still there?
wow.. I'm WAY below average.. but I already knew that. I've never been blessed with boobies.
i.m 34 dd
I'm a little wee A cup over here.

I do the "where's the smallest bra in this place?" kind of lingerie shopping.
usually i cant buy bras at a normal store... god do i want to give up lane bryant from my vocabulary.  and the term "full figured."  at least the tatas are good for attention lol (38 DDD).  just cant buy a shirt that buttons.
Can 34D really be a supermodel size? Maybe, since they're tall.

I would expect supermodel to have naturally small cup sizes since they're so thin. Large size are most likely due to implants (but I don't generalize here, there must be exception)
did it say if they were 'real'??
maybe we should do a poll: average breast size of C-C. LOL.

Everyone can enter their chest and band in inches, we will average it... and then we can represent the world!

sounds very scientific to me.... :-p  except then we would have to agree on how to calculate cup and band size....

(Edit: oh boy i really must not have anything to do today...)
I think the bra size being bigger has nothing more to do with than the American's are also one of the heaviest nations around.  You gain extra weight, it will go to your breast, if you lose weight, it is also one of the first places on your body to lose.  Same goes with pregnancy.  I gained a full two cup sizes with both my daughters, and also soon lost my new bras due to weight decrease.  I am a proud owner of a 34A and they do match my body shape and size!
man im confused. i am 5'6" weigh 148 and my bra size is 34B. am i a freak? mine are real...haha
Try being a 40A

Fat and FLAT!

If I ever do find a bra in my size, it costs over $60 EACH.

LIke I have that kind of money......

no offense to all you big breasted ladies out there. but i was talkin with my boyfriend and we decided that even if a person is thin...if they have big boobs, it makes the person look fatter. wouldnt you agree? big boobs are nice but im glad mine arent any bigger than they are. i dont want to look fatter. I LOVE YOU ALL. SWEAR IT
I'm 36D and my boobs make me look broader at the shoulders, but not necessarily fatter. Side veiw I think they help make the tummy look slimmer. *BoInG*
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