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Is there anything you can do about these annoying butterflies in your stomach??

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I get those quite often and they take control of everything. What do i do to stop thinking about the reason why theyre in there and do things that need to be done? Its driving me nuts. Its nice but....
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Do you suffer from anxiety?
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Teach them to fly information!
I dont know what i suffer from; i usually dont get them out of nowhere. Just need to know what you do to stop thinking about them.
I'm not sure what you mean, like how do you stop butterflies when you're nervous?
Original Post by vicereine:

I'm not sure what you mean, like how do you stop butterflies when you're nervous?

right, how do i stop it??

You probably can't stop it.  Its partly adrenaline. (Think fight or flight response)  However, you can learn to use it to your just takes practice.  And everyone is different, so everyone has to learn to take advantage of nerves differently.
If possible go someplace alone for a minute, but you can do this even if you're in a crowd. Take 5 sloooooooooooowwww deep breaths, exhaling so deeply each time that your stomach sticks out.  Do it again in 5 minutes if you need to.
If possible I like to take a walk, it gets you some exercise and helps with stress.  I always feel better afterward.  I've also taken a hot shower, that almost always relaxes me.  I tend to do both if I'm really worried about something and need to relax for a bit. 
you might want to think about what's causing you anxiety.  maybe it's something that you need to deal with but are ignoring.  when i get that feeling, i try to pin it down and make a plan to address the issue.  or, sometimes, i'll realize that it's something i have no control over, and that allows me to let it go.

a good friend of mine suffered from severe anxiety (including panic attacks and seizures).

in the end, she overcame it by getting at least 8 hours of sleep/night, eliminating caffeine from her diet, cutting back on her alcohol intake, and never having a completely empty stomach. 

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