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Anyone watching and voting Eurovision song contest

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Ive voted for Sweden, I thought she was terrific. Didnt like Jade UK, thought she was very breathy and the song was a bit pooh. Not so many outrageous ones this year. But really good comentry by Graham Norton love him a good one to follow Terry wogan I think.


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obvisiously not lol Norway won, didnt think much to the song, but everyone else must of, least we were in the top 5 well done Uk.

It was good to see that the usual Warsaw Pact didn't come into play quite so badly in the voting!!  Norton's commentary was more his usual 'bitchy snarky poof' than Wogan's articulate, gentle wit but I expect he'll grow into the role. 

i watched most of it, but i didn't really like a lot of songs. i'm from germany, and i was really embarrassed by our performance. having dita von teese there "stripping" on stage looked more desperate than sexy. no wonder we ended up 20th.

I was not too keen on the Germany entry, they normally have great songs, but that swing type waffle with Dita von teese with her burlesque posing and seductive poses what were they thinking it just didn't, work, just plain weird.

Graham can be a bit naughty I cringed when he said about the big lady singing, filling the whole stadium. When she watches that back I can imagine her being quite hurt, cant remember the country that's how memorable that was, oh dear I felt she was very nasal in her singing I went to go to sing along as I thought she was singing in a different language but she wasn't just nasally and not clear in pronunciation.

Azerbajian sorry if I spelt it wrong was very catchy song can understand why that was up there, but Turkey not sure about that, and Iceland I made a tea and missed it so I cant comment on that, but the sweden entry the lady she had the best in tune powerful voice and I felt alot better than Jade from UK, her range was magnificent.


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