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Does anyone have to pee ALL THE TIME!

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I seriously get made fun of by my friends all the time, I have to be pretty much every 30-45 mins. I do drink alot of water, Like alot! at least 4-5 large bottles a day. I asked the doctor and she said it was normal, I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem lol.

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I do. I drink constantly though. I teach and I have to go pee once per 60-90 minutes. 

Well, what comes in has to come out! I found I was peeing a lot, AT LEAST once an hour, when I was making sure I drank 2 litres (8 glasses) or more/day. Annoying, but I figured things were being adequately flushed!

I have this issue too.  Unfortunatly when you travel for a living and are in meetings alot, peeing constantly is not an option, so some of the time (esp mondays/fridays aka travel days) i just cant get in all my water...


oh well

every couple hours at the beginning of the day, before all the water kicks in...every 30-45 minutes later in the day.  i drink at least 8 8oz glasses of water a day at work.  :)

yay! I thought I was alone, I guess I don't hang out with anyone who drinks as much water as I do tho. Good to hear others are going through the same thing heh.

If you drink a lot of water out of habit then it has to go somewhere and you'll be in the toilet all the time.  If you're drinking a lot of water because you're genuinely thirsty and if you're getting up in the night, for example, to go to the toilet and/or drink more... then you should go back to your doctor.  Excessive thirst and frequent urination can be a symptom of Type II Diabetes. 

Unless you live in a hot climate, have a strenous job or do a lot physical exercise, or eat a lot of salted foods or you're extremely overweight... you don't need to drink 4 or 5 large bottles.  1 or 2 litres should be enough.

It is mainly because I know that it is good for me, and it is a habit. But thank you.

When I first started drinking water heavily it was like that but I guess my body got used to it.

Oh my god! I pee so damn much! It's embarrassing. I thought only those 60 and over are known to pee so much. (my apologizes to those I may have offended that are over 60...only going by common belief.) I hate it especially at night I pee before bed...but it usually takes me an hour to fall asleep so I must pee at least TWO times in between the hour of when I lay down. It's crazy. Actually I think I'm worse when I am laying down perhaps too much pressure on my bladder?

It's totally embarrassing though. Time to do Kegel exercises, ladies! Lmao!


Wow - It's good to hear I'm not the only one! It's a standing joke amongst my friends! I have an almost pavlovian response to signs for a toilet too...when I'm out and about and I see a sign...I have to go!!

haha ya I get called barbie doll bladder, and whenever we go somewhere and I say I have to pee my friends are like " what a shocker!" lol

this post made me lol. YES! only if i drink lots of water like you said. also, i have a thing for hot drinks like coffee and tea which make matters even worse. me and my one friend both do and we also joke about how we're old women b/c we pee 24/7. although i genuinely feel like i lose more weight even though its probs water weight...but it gives me a flatter stomach so whatever works haha!

I pee CONSTANTLY!!I drink a TON of water but I literally think i pee like 50 or more times a day..i sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and go twice but that's b/c i literally wake  up just to drink water and put chap stick on through out the night. I just tell everyone I have a bladder the size of a babies. Glad to know I'm not the only one..and i notice if i take my vitamins(sometimes i totally forget) i have to pee even more! it's ridiculous!

hollllyyyyy crapppp! i pee all day long its like my jobbb.

hahaha funny post but i can totallyy 100% relate. tho i drink at least 3-4 cups of plain decaff or chai tea everyday

yeah, whenever i tell my friends i have to pee they look at me and say " you always have to pee"....

really glad to know im not alone, at least it is really good for your skin, 'spose to make you look younger.

Haha, yes this is me too. My boyfriend says I have a peanut bladder. How rude!

I have heard that you can strengthen your bladder by waiting until it is really full to go pee, instead of just going "in case", which is what I do. Hard habit to get out of though!

Yes, I obsessively drink water all day too because it tends to be a rewarding experience when I pee—it gives me something to do and it feels good.

I mean except for it dribbling down your leg if you don't have that much time to pee or you're just too tired to get up and pee. Sometimes I wear depends so I don't have to fool with the hassle of getting up.

I've been dubbed the nickname "Pee Queen." I pee more than anyone I know. I've been that way all of my life!! I hate it! My friends and family are constantly cracking jokes about it lol.

Ha ha This made me laugh so much....I have only just started properly calorie counting and seem to go so much more than i used to!!!  I even have to get up 1 or 2 times in the night which is really annoying to say the least...was beinning to think i had medical problems, glad it's not just me lol!!

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