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Anyone else getting tired of the Healthier-Than-Thous?

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You all know who I'm talking about.  The people who hang out on the boards chastising people whose weight dips a pound so that they're at a 19.9 BMI, condescending to those who don't eat back their exercise calories, or maybe go a few days without getting in their 1200.  The ones who shrilly denounce 99% of Hollywood actresses as underweight, or accuse every teenage girl of an eating disorder.  The ones who act like drinking diet Coke is on par with shooting heroin.

It seems like there are only a few who do it, but they do it so frequently, and so loudly.  Has it gotten on anyone else's nerves, or is this just oversensitivity on my part?
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that is a hilarious rant! loved the diet coke part.... that really just pisses me off! some people need to still have the acidy taste of soda for a while before they can cut something like that completely or like me i have no desire for cutting it out of my diet... preach on!
I love your rant.   I'm eating sooo much healthier than I was but I'd be afraid to post what I am still eating.  I wonder if they ever ate like the majority of us.
Katia:  I'm a total diet Coke addict, and since I have no other addictions, I feel it's one I can allow myself to hold onto.

Ida's Mom:  Don't ever be afraid to post what you're going through as long as it's polite and honest.  I think the "healthy" folks get to act as they do due to the fact that everyone is afraid to contradict them.

I can see your point, I've seen replies on some threads that seem (to me) to be VERY over-reactionary.  I've even gone back and re-read the orignal post just to make sure I didn't miss something!!  But you know what?  Feed 'em fish heads!!

The way I look at it is, unless they live in my house, care for my kids, or sign my paycheck, their opinion really doesn't impact my life that much.  And when I sign off this website, they just disappear.  Wink

I wanted to smack my computer on the popcorn thread in the foods forum.

"We're not eating microwavable popcorn since the whole popcorn lung thing came about."

.... For one, the state of California thinks that wearing jewelry causes cancer so if you tell me anything that the state of California says I'm going to laugh at you.  And for two, what friggin' difference does the microwaving of the popcorn do to make it get stuck in your lungs and cause you to cough for the rest of your life?

It's like that whole argument about the doctor who lost his sense of smell from his nose spray.  Some people swore off this medicine and others swore by it.  Everything has a risk, but not everyone will suffer from it.

Oh man, and the girl who emailed me and said cabbage was so high in sugar and I was going to turn diabetic if I continued to eat it!?  I unwrapped a twinkie and crammed the whole bugger in my mouth and screamed, DIABETES, TAKE ME!  My neighbors thought I was nuts, but I was trying to make a statement.

There're some people on here who I believe really do eat 100% healthily and will live to be 200 years old, but I'm the type where I'll enjoy life's little pleasures, like Arctic Shatter PowerADE and cottage cheese, and be just fine croaking at 85.
Another thing I'm tired of are the unhealthier-than-thou's.  Where everyone has an eating disorder, feels like they're the only one, and yet the health forum has at least a dozen posts a day of someone coming out with theirs.

I know I'm going to get a nasty message for this one, but I usually avoid the health and support forum because it's almost always eating disorder related.  Lately posts have been popping up in the motivation and weight loss forums, though.
Yeah, I fear there are quite a few "eating disordered" people who come on and are really just attention-seekers.  While I wish in no way to make light of people with real conditions, I think there are most likely several who stretch the truth to gain sympathy.
Cellulitedelight, that was me who made the comment about the popcorn. I think you snipped the part that said my DD, who was eating microwave popcorn every single day, had developed a cough that just wouldn't go away.

I always made her stay near the microwave while making it, to be sure the bag didn't catch on fire, and yes, like the man who developed the lung disease, she would open it up and take a big deep sniff... Well, she'd had this cough for months on end. The cough is gone now (her last bag of popcorn was about 6 weeks ago). Maybe coincidence - I don't know.

I don't think I suggested everyone else should also stop eating it. I did post a link to the news article when it first came out, because so many dieters do eat microwave popcorn (including me).

I personally get a bit tired of anyone who is dogmatic or argumentative...healthier than thou or insistent that their way is the ONLY way to do things. If you can't play nicely, stay home, please. The posts involving eating disorders and potential eating disorders just make me sad. I understand being frustrated with people who appear to be pig headed and determined to do damaging things to their bodies, but arguing with them usually just makes it worse and gives them a sense of validation.

Part of the charm of CC for me is that if I want to, I can eat whatever I want. It's not really a diet, it's just a method for tracking intake. For the most part, I do eat healthier foods, but if I want to and I'm willing to deal with the consequences, then I splurge on whatever I feel like.


Courtbarb, I agree with that on some extent.  I honestly think some people here are really attention seekers but at the same time I think some people in here are really lost and confused, and are hoping this is a step to them recovering in their disorder.  I'm still annoyed by eating disorders and wish there was a separate forum specifically for that so I wouldn't be browsing the health forum in search of a reason for bruises or something and see 569857689257 coming-out-with-an-ED.  It's one of those things that irritates me and makes me really want to click on the thread and tell them to head for MySpace. 

But I've done that before and was told it was very naughty.  I'd rather not piss off the moderators and be sent away from Calorie-Count.

And as for you, oh Popcorneth Lover, I did leave out a lot about that popcorn thread because my lasiness prevented me from getting the URL and remembering every minute detail of it.  I combined that thread with the thread where someone told me I could never eat Italian salad dressing ever again, be it fat free, light, or regular, because the oil in it caused Hodgekins disease or some crap.

Sorry if it seemed like I was trying to make you out to be the devil or something.  xD

Edit: To please the moderators and protect the innocent!
Hahaha! Good rant! I'm guilty of jumping on the high horse every so often, myself. For giggles or to assuage any posting guilt on this subject, check out the vegetarian forum for the ongoing vegan vs. vegetarian war. It's crazy feisty.
WOOHOO! Right on! I'm glad somebody else has noticed. hahahahahaa
I have a friend who is CONVINCED that everyone who loses even a half a lb has an eating disorder.  It makes me wonder if she's projecting her problems on to others..?
I think a big part of it is projection.  And it seems like the people who chide you for your "eating disorder" are often the ones who've run into obstacle after obstacle in their own weight loss, and/or have completely plateaued.

I understand your rant and I may sometime come off as one of those people who is a "healthier-then-thou". I'm sorry if it comes off that way. I have a personal vendetta against diet sodas and anything that has artifical sweeteners in it. This is because I am allergic to it (they give me migraines) and one of my relatives who drinks nothing but diet soda is having liver problems because of this habit.

Another thing I have only recently realized is that, just because I have made the choice to change my eating habits, it doesn't mean that everyone else has come to that decisive moment in their lives yet. I also realize that my insentivity and judgementalism may have pushed some people further from the path that I am on. (i.e. what cellulitedelight said about grabbing a twinkie and a burger just to spite someone).

Again I am sorry if my posts have offended anyone.

I am a Diet Pepsi addict, and also, do not have any other vices in life.  (Although I only drink it in the morning/evening now.)

Something wrong can be found with EVERY food if you look hard enough.  Too much fibre?  Well, we KNOW what happens.  Too many carrots?  Your skin will turn orange.  You CAN overdose on Vitamin C.  Blah blah blah.

Fact is, do what you do, and have tolerance for those that do what THEY do.

Pretty soon it will be proven that BLINKING causes cancer.  Oyyyyy.

People would freak if they knew how much coffee I drank in the mornings - oh but I do switch to decaf diet dr pepper at 9am LOL  -- 

I use splenda and lots of other stuff some folks don't think we should eat --

I also have better success with weight loss when I limit my carbs

I just don't post to threads that will get me into trouble and I don't post what I eat. 

I don't try to cut my carbs, I just cut out certian sources of carbs. I RARELY eat bread anymore. It is much more satifying to eat pasta or rice. I'm just going with the complex carbs. I'm also doing the same thing with sugar by eating more fruit. It does help with sugar cravings.

I eat pizza every day, and I often have fast food, frozen dinners, Ramen noodles.. What can I say, I'm a poor teenager and cutting out food expenses save us money.  I'm still losing weight, I'm still feeling a hell of a lot better than I did a year ago, and I've got an extra dollar in my wedding-dress-fund.

"But frozen dinners taste like cardboard!"
Psht, then I know you won't be asking me for some.

"But fast food is so greasy and salty!  You'll retain water!!"
I've eventually got to pee something out.

"But Ramen is so high in calories and fat!"
And it's so high in my tongue's satisfactory scale.

"How do you really eat pizza every day?  There has to be catch."
Nope, no catch.  I work at a pizza joint, I get free food, I know how many calories are in what, and we just started serving calzones so bring on the carbs and parmesan!

Sheesh.  People act like it's the end of the world to have a pepperoni or something.  Like my text will infect their text if they post above or below me and get them fat.
Like my text will infect their text if they post above or below me and get them fat.

ahaha. and no one posted under you yet. maybe they ARE afraid they'll get fat. LMAO

hehe.. anyway. Yeah, I too am annoyed by the healthier-than-thous. like if I mention something about eating pizza, suddenly "oh you shouldnt eat that, try..... instead" ok, I eat healthy at least 80% of the time. A greasy piece of pizza is fine once in awhile. let me enjoy it!

the thing that actually annoys me is people who are constantly asking "How do I stop eating chocolate/ice cream/whatever". the answer? Don't. Just eat reasonable amounts. I don't think I could survive without my pizza doritos and chocolate occasionally. I wish people didn't have this mind set that the only way to be healthy is to stick to "safe foods" instead of just eating a good balance. I blame the diet industry!
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