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ANTS! In the bathroom?!

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I live in an OLD building and the windows aren't sealed too tightly. Ants have just (literally JUST) started coming in my bathroom window, walking across the wall, and hanging out in my bathroom sink! I clean with an all natural mix that I make myself using mostly lemon juice, so this is obviously the culprit. The thing is though, I rinse it out after I clean and it'll be a week tomorrow since the last time I cleaned the sink in there... there CAN'T be too much lemon juice left in there.

How do I keep them out naturally? I don't want to kill them, so boric acid is out.  Maybe something I can put on the windowsill where they're coming in that will repel them?

By the way, my landlord said the crack will be sealed, but I'm not holding my breath.
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What kind of ants are they? Big black ones, or small ones?

The big black ones are indicative of rotting wood somewhere in the house - your landlord should get it checked out because they can do a lot of damage to the foundation. They come into the house looking for water, so it may not be your cleaner. The only way to get rid of them is to find and get rid of the rotting wood. I've been in two houses that had this problem, and NOTHING else worked.... sorry to say.

If they are the small ones, they are attracted to sweet stuff. It may not be your cleaner. We get teeny tiny ants in our bathroom and they are clearly coming after the toothpaste. We have one of those Oral B's that sits in a mount on the wall: the ants go after the residue that drips down inside it. We think they originally came in on a plant. Oddly, these ants don't bother me all that much - they are so tiny and there's few of them. It's the big black ones that drove me crazy!!!
I agree that the big black ones could indicate a problem, carpenter ants can cause major wood damage.  But, in the meantime, ants do not cross a chalk line.  Simply use chalk to draw a boundary.
I was going to give you all kinds of ideas but... not if you don't wanna kill them!  Then I'm just here to empathize.  It's the season for ants too.  (I guess depending on where you live?)  Maybe they'll just go away after a week or two.
They're little baby ones, not the big black ones.  They're not going near the toothpaste (ours isn't sweet, it's hippy stuff that's basically baking soda, haha), just walking around in the sink.

Hopefully they do just go away on their own soon, but I'd like to stop them from coming in. There's a steady stream going in and out... it's strange. I've never had ants in the bathroom!
OH! I somehow missed your reply, thanks cgnolly!!
But, in the meantime, ants do not cross a chalk line.

seriously?  that's wicked cool.
I know aasil, it's like voodoo! (except that I used to work in a "real" voodoo shop in New Orleans and know it doesn't work that way, hehe)
Is it Tom's of Maine? That's our toothpaste - the ants love it!
Nope, it's Nature's Gate, I love them! I used to use Tom's of Maine but they got bought out by Colgate. :(
at least they arent in your bed or kitchen...  ya see there is a bright side... kinda...
Ants don't like cinnamon, either.
I used to use Tom's of Maine but they got bought out by Colgate.

yeah, that pissed me off...but not as much as vitamin water being bought out by coke. 
Try Nature's Gate! Right now I use their shampoo and conditioner too, the chamomile one since I color my hair. It's amazing!!
It's my understanding, and experience seems to confirm it, that once they build up enough outside (something like 100 yards underground for any mound you see) they will get in any way they can find, and they will ALWAYS find a way.  I have an exterminator, but I recently had to buy Amdro and treat the lawn.  You do NOT want fire ants in your house!  And I bought little ant traps for the other ants, where they go in, eat the stuff & then take it to the queen and hopefully eventually wipe out enough so the problem isn't an overwhelming infestation anymore.  I let it go a long time before I did all this though.  They were starting to make their OWN ways in.  That was it!

I think it's nice you want to do it naturally.  I understand that.  I can see that side of things, but it might not actually do it, depending upon how bad it is.  A lot of "natural" ways to deal with pests are more cruel than some of the other ways.  Like the whole chewing gum mole thing.  Ugh.  I wouldn't.  Of course if I had a mole, knowing me it'd end up a borderline pet like everything else does that finds me.  lol
another way to get the queen is to mix equal amounts of icing sugar and baking soda and sprinkle around.  They will take it back to the queen and that will finish her off.  Probably take about 2 weeks for good results.
but again, i'm not going to kill them, just want to repel them. :)
It was kinda funny.  I was talking to a friend about the ants & said something like this:

"I told the ants that I was sorry, but when they starting coming in & then even worse they started creating their own ways in, it was war."

my friend: "you told them?"

me:  "yes, as a matter of fact, I did.  Out loud."  "It was a very Bill Murray/Caddyshack sort of moment."

I did warn them in advance, afterall.  :P

I wish I had some great suggestion for you that wouldn't kill them but would actually keep them out.  From what I've seen you can caulk every crack in the house & they'll just make a new one.  If you figure it out & it really works, let me know too.  Btw, I have 7 cats.  One might think that was enough of a repellent!
haha, the instant i read caddyshack i thought "don't drive angry!" i haven't seen that movie in forever.

hubby took care of things the man way... with duct tape! no new ants in sight! it's in the shower window and behind a curtain anyway, so no one can see our classy (temporary) solution. :D

edit: and i just realized i am very tired. i confused caddyshack and groundhog day. well, one bill murray movie is just like any other, i suppose, haha. caddyshack makes me think of "you'll get nothing and like it!"

bed time pour moi!
believe it or not cinnamon keeps them away.  for some reason they don't like the smell as far as a natural cleaner.  white vinegar is a great natural cleaner.  it's also great on windows, a natural fabric softner and the ONLY thing that neutrelizes pet urine!
We have had ants in our bathroom this year too...and its an inside room to the house.  No windows.  A few weeks ago they stopped but how embarrassing when I have company, lol.  They would all come out and tell me I had an ant or two wandering around on the floor.  Oh well. 

Yes, vinegar is one of those anti-ant things according to my Aunt.
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