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American's next top model and Girlicious

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Anyone watch these shows? I was watching ANTM last night and the the more I watch the more I love it! I used to be a model so I am even more attached to it. However I found that Dominique very annoying...I guess they just have to have one girl who's super annoying in every season....Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge ANTM fan and have watched all the seasons so far....

And for Girlicious, I thought they would learn a lesson from the last "The next **** Cat Dolls" because they just have a problem in their audition! I mean I can just randomly find girls anywhere on the street who are waaay more attractive then those girls on the show. I hope they won't let me down again this time.

Just my little opinion.
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I've been watching ANTM for so long, and whenever there's a rerun marathon on I watch that, too.  I could care less about the "drama" that's created on the show.  I also don't give a rats ass about most of the fashion on there, but I do like the themed photoshoots and the make-up.

There're a couple of winners that I don't particularly agree with.  I think Kahlen should've won, not Naima a few cycles ago, when they were in South Africa.  And last season?  Saleisha had her runway walk down, I suppose, but I'm with a lot of other fans of the show who think she shouldn't have even been on the show.  She'd been in fashion shows for Tyra before and was in a nation-wide commercial, things that normally disqualify someone from being on there, but it was delcared that it "wasn't enough experience and she was on the commercial for less than five seconds."

Ugh, and I also really dislike Jaslene.  I was rooting for Natasha that season.

I think most shows like that are utter garbage that impart a distorted idea of personal image and action to youth.

I love ANTM and have been watching it forever!  I agree with the not really caring about the drama, I just love seeing their pictures at the end of the show and watching them develop.  I really dislike Dominique too - did you see last week's show when she was speaking about herself in the third person "Dominique is the best. Dominique will be America's Next Top Model." *gag*

I've watched Girlicious once or twice.  It distburbes me a little bit that young girls are likely watching it and wanting to grow up to be like those girls.

I think it's very interesting that ANTM is followed by Girlicious considering that I personally think ANTM is a confidence booster for the audience (primarily because they show that the girls never look as beautiful in person as they do in their pictures and how much work goes into making the pictures) and Girlicious is extremely degrading to young girls (because it displays them as sex objects). 

I agree with alle about the image of girlicious. I understand they're suppose to be sexy and energetic but they didn't make the girls present themselves as that at all...It sure makes have bad influence  younger teen girls.

I wished Heather to win from last season! So so disappointed when she was eliminated.
I love ANTM, and have probably watched the last four cycles. I'm behind an episode or two on this season (love having a DVR), but Dominique drives me nuts. She looks like a drag queen, and she has an ego that's out of control. Grr. I actually can't ever watch the show on live TV 'cuz Tyra annoys me too. "Tweleve beautiful girls stand before me, but I only have eleven photos in my hand..." and on and on and on! The photo shoots are definitely the best part!

I was all excited when they had another plus size on this season, but then I realized that Whitney isn't really that big. What size are plus-size models anyway? Are they even really plus size?

Edit: I never got the Heather thing at all. I kinda felt like people liked her just because of her Aspergers (sp?) or whatever. She totally shouldn't have made it as far as she did; she got extra help that the other girls didn't and just didn't really impress me over all. But then everyone loved her, so maybe I'm just missing something.
True she got extra help and there was some favourtism going on....not sure why tho...I don't know what Aspergers is so ...

Whitney is very beautiful and talented. I like her a lot. She's not even that big...i wonder what qualifies to be a plus size model too....
Aspergers is like a mild form of Autism... So it's like (I think) she doesn't process social situations the way the rest of us do. That's why she was so awkward all the time, and had so much trouble on the go-sees.

Whitney is totally gorgeous! I was watching the episode from a few weeks ago when she was in the kitchen and asked Stacy-Ann if she wanted some ice cream or something, and Stacy-Ann was like "no, I don't want to get fat like you." I could've reached through the screen and throttled her! How mean! But Whitney was all chill, and was like, "I know I'm cute... Whatever you think doesn't matter." She handled it WAY better than I would have!

Edit: I looked it up and plus-size models are sizes 12 to 16. It's funny 'cuz I don't really think of a 12 as plus size at all...
Actually most plus size models who do actual fashion shows are like size 8-10. Sad.
Original Post by deathrocket:

I think most shows like that are utter garbage that impart a distorted idea of personal image and action to youth.

and that's why they are so fun to watch

Theres a modelthon on right now! Its on MTV. i have been watching for the last 2 days. 

I wish they'd show the older cycles.  I want to see cycle 1 just for Elyse Sewell.  I read her LJ as often as she updates.  I'd also really like to see cycle 3 when they went to Tokyo.  That's probably one of my favourite seasons.  I didn't care so much for the second one, that skinny blonde who cheated on her boyfriend annoyed me to no end.
I saw on the preview for next episode where Whitney went to do a go-see and the client said something like 'We can't use you as a size 10 on the runway' - so she must only be a size 10!
Oh I saw that too n I felt so so bad for her! I mean, they should know better about the preference of the designer especially when they do not want a plus size model. Apparently they haven't done enough research.

It's so unfair for Whitney because it's not her fault at all. If they let her into the competition, they should help at least provide an equal opportunity for her, like find a designer who does not have a preference on the size of the model.

I think it's totally the show's fault.


This full figured beauty is not so big after all. Whitney stands 5 feet ten inches tall, weighing 165 pounds and she is a size 8.

I'm OBSESSED with antm. I've never missed an episode =]
But I definitely haven't been thrilled with all of the winners. Eh, I still love it though.
Original Post by vicereine:


This full figured beauty is not so big after all. Whitney stands 5 feet ten inches tall, weighing 165 pounds and she is a size 8.

OH MY GOD what a landwhale (we have no roll eyes smiley)

i wanted Jenah to win whatever the season that she was in..

she's one of the most beautiful people ive seen..

Ah! I missed ANTM last night, again. I really need to start DVRing it. I CANT watch it around my boyfriend because he just sits there and makes fun of the girls. Cant stand that. So I  stopped watching.

I just love the art behind the photos they take. The drama I can do without. And I especially love seeing the shots where shes like "we had to even touch up this photo, this is what the non touched up one looked like" and it's like YES these girls are real.

I need a photographer that can touch me up ;)

HAHA.... My wife and I love to watch the show and Reruns of it... As a photographer and a post-production digital assistant, I will often pay more attention to what the technical aspects of what the photographers are doing and less on the girls. 

What a fun show..   I agree with an earlier post when they stated that the 'themed shoots' and 'cool makeup' are what really make that show exciting.

Oh I'm obsessed with ANTM too! But I hate Tyra Banks. Thank goodness I've got my DVR to fast forward through her condescending, pretentious theatrics. I also love it any time a girl quits and then Tyra tries to act like she's kicking them off.

I loved Elyse too! Loved that she was always talking smack about the other models. Loved crazy Janice Dickinson. Used to drool over Nigel until I realized that Caridee was right, he DOES have a stick up his bum. Love when they edit to make the girls look like really stupid airheads.

And I think Whitney has a slamming body. During castings I was like, "OMG, I've found a woman's body to aspire to!" I always worry for her though because they're right, she's got that fake, pageanty thing about her that needs to go. But I really want her to win. And I hate what they did to her hair. Does anyone else agree that this season most of the make-overs made people look worse?

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