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Does almond milk curdle in coffee?

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Hi there,

I'm a vegan who can't drink black coffee. Soy milk does curdle, are there any other alternatives?


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Almond milk holds up ok, and so does rice milk :)

Thank you!

I'll give it a try!


i put unsweetened vanilla almond breeze in my coffee once when i ran out of coffee mate and it worked fine! you kind of have to add a lot to get your coffee creamy tasting though. after a bunch i zapped the coffee in the microwave to get it hot again!
sometimes soy milk does curdle for me and sometimes it doesn't. i notice it does when i have reheated my coffee. but otherwise it's usually fine. i've put almond milk in before but it's too light to really taste. it just makes coffee more watered down tasting in my opinion.
I don't have a problem with soy milk curdling in my coffee.  I also add protein powder.
Soy only curdles in boiling liquid.
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