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At what age do you think people begin to look "old"

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At what age do you consider someone to be old? I used to think 40 was ancient. Now I think a 40 year old man is more handsome than any 25 year old kid.  I think most women begin to "age" at 45 and men at about 50.  What do you think?

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Depends upon the person. At 42, I am not as young as I be or look, but people rarely guess my correct age. I have acquaintances in their 30s who look older than me.

For women, a lot of it depends on the flux of hormones that are perimenopuase - those years leading up to the end of menstruation. The changes in hormones can cause greying, skin thinning, age spots, wrinkles and lots, lots more. Perimenopuase can start anywhere from a woman's late 30s through her 50s. I think it is in the midst of that that a woman starts to look more mature and less youthful.

I agree with mediatinker, as how a person looks when they get older is the result of a lot of different factors:  genetics, diet, sun exposure, skin care, amount of sleep, environment, stress level, exercise, and even career choice.

IMO, I'm looking better now at 37 than I did 10 years ago, but it's not necessarily because of age, but a combination of weight loss, availability of higher quality skin care products, and better information on how to keep my skin healthy.

However, as a general rule, I personally don't consider a woman to be "older looking" until they're past 50, and a man until they're up towards 60 (of course, both depending on how they take care of themselves).

i'd say 90 is pretty old!

my mom is 52 and she looks fantastic! people never believe it when she says she has a 26 year old.

i only hope i look that good when i'm her age!

my old 21 year old roommate faked and baked at least two times a day since she was in her early teens. she could now easily pass for thirty. it totally depends on the person.

15, maybe 16.. if you have the genetics.


Women: 30-45 depending on how well you take care of yourself.

Men: 40-55. 

I find older women to be very attractive.

I'm 20 and I swear I'm falling apart.  I have laugh lines and forehead creases and I've even found a gray hair once.  By the time I'm middle aged I don't even want to think about how I'll look.  My mom on the other hand is 50 and she looks like she could be in her late 30's, maybe 40.  She's gorgeous and no one believes she's as old as she is.  I guess it totally depends on the person.

Oh, and I forgot smoking.  I know a person at work who looks 15 years older than she actually is because of the toll of 20+ years of smoking.

I think it really makes a difference in how a person treats themselves. Someone who takes care of their body and their health, who wears sunscreen and watches his or her weight will no doubt look many years younger than people who "let themselves go", so to speak. But mostly I think it's a mental attitude as well. My older relatives (70's and 80's) who actually consider themselves "elderly" or "old" LOOK that much older than those who mentally think like young people.

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I agree with everyone else. If you take care of yourself By not smoking, driniking, and drug use you can keep the years off. I also think state of mind helps. I am 40 but I still feel and play like I am 20. I like being outdoors and have lots of fun mountain biking and four wheeling. Sunscreen is importatnt.
It all depends on the person...
My mom was in an exercise class with this woman who had a tanning bed in her house. She was about 35 and looked like she was almost 60... no joke. Her skin looked like beef jerky.

The two biggest agers of skin are sun tanning (real sun or lamps) and smoking. The effects begin to show up way sooner than most women think they do.

i don't think it's about age as much as it's about time of day.  i look very old first thing in the morning, but much younger by 8am.  then start to age again about 8pm ;)
Original Post by pgeorgian:

i don't think it's about age as much as it's about time of day.  i look very old first thing in the morning, but much younger by 8am.  then start to age again about 8pm ;)

He he he.....that is so true......Smile 

I think society views being 'older' differently now than in my grandmother's day.  Maybe the boomers who refuse to give in to it influenced this attitude?

I agree that around 45 telltale signs are there.

I consider 70 old.

I'm lucky good genes run in my family.
my mother went from young to old overnight, when she had a stroke.  she was 69, fit and healthy, a golfer and a skier, on october 17, 2004 when she went to bed and she was still 69 when she woke up the next morning, paralyzed on her left side.  trust me, age is not about the number.

it's up in the air nowadays. what with scientific advances in medicine and skin care, people can actually look younger older than they did when they were young. i'm banking on that, actually. i don't look old or anything, but i wanna look spry when i'm 35, in a few years.

Lifestyle has so much influence on this...

My x GF is beautiful she and is 25 but her rough lifestyle can cause her to look mid 30 at times. Rested she see can pass for 22-23 with ease.

I'm 43 and normally pass for mid 30's or so I'm told but I drink a lot of water, stay out of the sun for the most part, eat right and get enough sleep
Original Post by ratinhat88:

I've even found a gray hair once.  

My dad went gray in his mid twenties and as a female I thought that would skip me, but no, at 24, it's there. I'm pretty sure that if I didn't  dye it every couple of months, I'd  have silver hair. Which is kind of cool, but not really. Now if it was white, I'd be happy. Then I could dye my hair bubble gum pink and it would last. Ha ha.

Race also plays a factor, of course. I have asian friends that are almost 10 years older than me and still get carded at the bar.

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