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I got accepted to the New College of Florida!!

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WOOT! It's my first choice college! It's also ironic that it's the CHEAPEST college I applied to. Life is GOOD. :D And another plus: my best friend from England applied and....GOT ACCEPTED YESTERDAY! Aaaaaaah....I bet Sarasota's ideal for staying in shape. Right on the beach, baby. YEAH.
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LOL!!  Good for you!!!!!

Just remember to do some studying while you're there.  LOL!
Congrats! How exciting that you and your best friend will be attending together. And you will have the beach to run on? Not a bad deal! What great times you have ahead :)
Oooh Florida schools just absolutely kick butt!

I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Miami.  Also about 20 minutes from the beach.  It truly is lovely :)

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Go you! love yourself and do something positive! college is gonna rock- youll be tan and happy and saving lots of dough! shpping!!
thanks you guys, i'm just so happy! :D I bet miami is awesome, jazzislove! :D I also applied to the honor's college @ FAU but I don't know if I even care about getting accepted or not. NEW COLLEGE IS TOO AWESOME. ;D
Congratulations! I'm truly happy for you! With the CC thing, in September you'll be a brand new hot college girl ! Enjoy it!
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hey, congrats! what do you hope to major in?
I want to major in anthropology, studying mainly middle eastern history and that sort of thing. I wanna go to graduate school and become an archaeologist.....I know the holy land's a little dangerous rightn now but thats what i've always wanted to do and if i die doing what i love, i sure did live life.
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