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AARP sent me a membership for...Im 23 yrs old.

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ahaha Ok so I think its a huge mistake on their part but I received at a membership form to sign up for AARP. ahaha. I know I cant join till Im 50 but really?? I still have a while till I can sign up. Maybe its the government joking with me.

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I once received a membership application for AARP and a packet of coupons for baby formula with a free sample - on the same day. Wink

But you're right - it's just a blanket mailing.

aha i figured it was someone screwing with my head.

Either that, or 50 is the new 23.  I'm 23 and feel like I'm 80.  Give me the form!

It's never too early to start planning.

aha I seriously feel like im 80 some days too. I think im going to keep the fake card they gave me just as a joke.

Try using it at a restaurant for a senior citizen deal. :)

Wow! That also happened to me when I was 21 or so. There was a cardboard membership card with my name on it and everything (nothing official, I'm sure). I thought about trying to use it, but didn't have the cojones.

Actually you can sign up... you don't get the full benifits or anything but you can use it for discounts. I work at a hotel, and just had a 25 year old male who used his AARP discount. He travels a lot which is the reason he signed up for it when they sent it to him in the mail. I think he pays $16 a year for the membership and saved almost that much using his discount here.

I got one a couple weeks ago. I'm 21. Then again...I also got birthday cards from various car dealerships right before my sixteenth birthday. O.o They seemed to know my age...

WHAT THE HELL KIND OF SICK GAME IS AARP PLAYING?! *goes to look for gray hairs*

I've gotten that several times already. I was in my early twenties when I got my first one.

hmmm maybe it would be worth the $16 a year to get some discounts.

AARP says you look older.

Original Post by gem86:

hmmm maybe it would be worth the $16 a year to get some discounts.

Haha for real! Like discount hotel stays, etc. :P

Don't worry about it. My MIL (who is 62 mind you) still gets samples of maxi pads sent to her :)

It's just blanket mailing, as santo said!

For it or against it,did you know AARP was the biggest supporter of the health reform bill???

oh jeebus.

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