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Whipped cottage cheese-- My new love!

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I discovered it by accident making a cheesecake!

Throw normal cottage cheese in a blender, blend until whipped and fluffy! It is so thick and creamy, and fluffy and sooooo goood!

I made mine strawberry flavored by adding a cup of strawberrys to the mixture and blending it some more :D! And I spread it on toast/bagels/anything like cream cheese! It tastes just as good or better than cream cheese! Or plain can be good sub for sour cream, or it could be like really creamy yogurt! ahh.. so many possibilities.

Oh I also added a bit of sugar, but if you are watching sugar, any sweetener would do!

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Good on top of a baked sweet potato. I use cottage cheese and Greek yogurt in place on mayo and sour cream all the time.

Woah totally trying this!

That sounds delicious!  Especially if it's served with fruit.  Ooh, maybe whipped up with raspberries.  *drools*

Sounds amazing, thanks for the idea!

I went to a friend's house for dinner years ago, and she served a dessert made of ricotta cheese, lightly sweetened and flavored with cocoa powder.  Kind of a less-rich chocolate mousse.  I bet you could do the same with this.

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