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vanilla extract?

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Hi:) I was just wondering what is vanilla extract used for/ good in? I'm curious! :)
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It's used a lot in baking.  I don't think chocolate chip cookies taste right without it!

You can also use it to flavor yogurt.

I use it mostly in baking but also in smoothies. One of my favorites is a smoothie of plain yogurt, coconut milk, melon slices, shredded coconut, a little sweetener, and vanilla. 

Recently I found a recipe for a raw tomato salad that used it in the dressing (lime zest, lime juice, vanilla, olive oil, honey, sea salt). I definitely want to try it when the good tomatoes get here!

I experimented and threw 1/4 of a TEASPOON of vanilla in my coffee (with milk). Absolutely delectable for a blue moon occassion!

Ricotta cheese mixed with a tinge of vanilla. Yum. Takes like a cannoli filling but lo- glycemic and healthy.
I actually put a little in my plain Greek yogurt with cinnamon.... yummm
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