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turnip greens: what do I do with them?

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They looked healthy so I bought them.

ppl down south used to have 'greens' and I think there was a ham hock involved (which I wouldn't even buy).  I know I cook them, I guess like spinach, but what seasoning can I use.
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I prefer to saute greens.  Start with some onions and garlic, cook until translucent.  Toss in the washed greens and cook until tender.  As far as seasoning, I have used just about anything.  My favorites:  A teaspoon or so of nutmeg adds great flavor; I've also used cracked red pepper and vinegar. 

(This is how I prepare kale, chard, collard greens...  I imagine turnip greens would fare just as well, but make no promises.)

Traditionally, they are boiled with ham hock or bacon.  Adds a great smoky, rich flavor. 

w_g:  thank you, I'll try that. 

bacon makes everythng taste better :-)  I'm sad to have given it up :-(

start out by washing very well to remove any grit.  I like to remove the tough ribs, if any, and blanche them in a large pot of boiling water to get rid of any bitter taste.  After they are blanched, I saute them with a very small amount of olive oil, garlic, salt & pepper.

clairelaine, thanks.  I can tell you are such a good cook!

My dad used to grow swiss chard and I loved that, but never see it in the store.  I'm hoping this is similiar. Can't wait to have my own garden.
they're a little sharper tasting than chard or kale, but just as good.  If you feel the urge to make the southern style greens (of any kind) you can use a smoked turkey wing instead of a ham hock. 
I sauteed onion and garlic, then the greens and was really surprised at how great they were.  Looking forward to having more.
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