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thai curry: coconut milk substitutes?

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hey guys!


i love thai curries, but not all the saturated fats in the coconut milk (14g per 1/4 cup!!!).  I was thinking of making one with soy milk instead (which has fat, but they're almost only mono and polyunsaturated fats, which is better.  also, it's WAY lower in fat, but is still creamy).  What do you guys think of soy milk as a coconut milk as a substitute?  I think it's the closest I could use, since you need to bring this stuff to a boil and I hear you're not supposed to boil regular milk (plus the fats in cows milk is saturated).  But would it taste weird...?  Has anyone tried this, or used something else and had it still by yummy?

Thanks for your input!

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well, i beg you to please reconsider your views of coconut saturated fat. about 50 percent of coconuts fat comes from lauric acid, a saturated fat considered to lower colesterol, improve metabolism, and ward of fungus and virus. its found abundantly in really one place in the human diet, mothers milk.

not to mention, coconut also is low in palmeric acid, the fatty acid linked with heart diesese. saturated fat is very very very healthy if its coming from coocnut or vegetable sources.

monounsaturated fat is healthy, but Polyunsaturated fat is not, we GET wayyyy to much of it in our modern american diet.

Lite coconut milk exists. It has 3 g sat fat per 1/4 cup. Ingredients: coconut milk, water, guar gum.



You can remove virtually all the fat from coconut milk by pouring into a bowl.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.  The fat will rise to the top and solidify.  You can lift it off in one piece and discard it.

The taste is the same.

Original Post by corduroyfirekills3:

Lite coconut milk exists. It has 3 g sat fat per 1/4 cup. Ingredients: coconut milk, water, guar gum.

 Yeah, but it's much cheaper to just buy regular and mix it 50/50 with water - exactly the same thing and half the price!  :-)

Claire's tip sounds good, though.  Have to try that one as I *love* curries!

I also love curries - I've been eating them since I was weaned. Use Light coconut milk / cream. In australia - where I am - they're much the same price as each other and the flavour is still rich.

If you buy a full cream one and want to water it down might I suggest adding some Low- salt stock, ready made is best as cubes contain alot of sodium.

If you're making a chicken curry use chicken stock, if it's a beef curry use beef, etc.

I have some great curry recipes if you'd like them all under 400 calories per serving.

Some are Indian, Indonesian, Thai, Burmese, Pakistani.

I'm currently experimenting with Gulab Jamoon - and Indian desert flavoured with rosewater, as well as chapati and naan. Looking for the lowest kj flour that's available is the tricky bit. 

Enjoy, and never stop eating curries!


thanks guys for the responses.  i think i shall try claire's tip, since it'll probably be the lowest in fat and closest in taste (and not cost more...)

Madam_captain - I would love to get some recipes!! please do share!! I'm going off to make some chicken curry with lite coconut milk and basmati rice.. yum!

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