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Substitute for White Wine?

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A lot of recipes I like require white wine, and we never buy any.  Plus, if I did buy some, my roommates would drink it before I got to use any (and specialty cooking wine is more expensive).  Is there anything else I could use, maybe something lower in calories? 
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Depends on what the wine is for.  You really don't want to use the cooking wines they are loaded in salt!  You can always try a tablespoon of white wine vinegar diluted in a 1/4 cup of water in place of the wine.  Again it would depend on the food.  Your other options are to use chicken broth, water, apple juice or any diluted vinegar.  Again it would depend on the flavor you are looking for.  If I knew what you were looking to use it in, I could offer a better suggestion.
white grape juice. I was wondering the same thing and looked it up online. I made a recipe from one of those cooking shows (Tyler-Prime Rib mmmm) and icalled for  white wine but my roomie is an alcoholic so we used white grape juice instead and it turned out wonderful.
I just use stock or broth.  It's not quite the same flavor as wine, but I take a medication with which I can't have even a trace of alcohol.  I think the white grape juice is a good idea, but it's sweet, so I'm not sure about some dishes. 
chicken stock and/or a tablespoon of wine vinegar... (or apple cider vinegar if you don't want even the WORD 'wine' around you...)
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In certain instances a good sharpness in flavor gained from a soft, sharp cheese can well enough replace the taste of wine. Ones that come especially to mind is a tablespoon or two of white cheddar, feta or bleu cheese. Additionally, pairing with the flavors associated with a wine can assist as well. If you have a favorite white wine type  reading the label or review can reveal properties of it's taste (peachy, fruity, crisp, peppery, vanilla) and adding elements to the sharpness can well define a meal to the flavor.
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You might want to buy a bottle of dry vermouth. It's not that good to drink by itself, but a great sub for white wine. And maybe your roomies will leave it alone!
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Original Post by dattaplot54321:

A lot of recipes I like require white wine, and we never buy any. Is there an subsittue for it as the dish I am making, is not allowed to have any alcohol. The dish that i am making is Spinach fusilli with scallops and white asparagus. The ingredients are; White asparagus, lemon juice, iced water, garlic oil, salt and pepper, cherry tomatoes, scallops, fusilli. basil and parsley. and it needs white wine for evaporation and the tomatoes and scallops. Is there any subsittue for it?


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A good substitute for wine is water :D I dnt drink so thats my option
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Oh right u want to cook with it. Just take it out of the recipe. ??
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Oh it is used for evaporating? I need an subsittute for it as I can't use alcohol, not in my home economics lesson in school. I tried using water but it tasted horrible

You can use chicken or vegetable stock in place of white wine in many recipes

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