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Stove top stuffing

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Okay, for Thanksgiving, everyone in my family has to make one dish.  My dads doing turkey, moms doing the potatoes, sisters the pie, etc.  Well I have to make the stuffing.  Except the stuffing my parents brought (Kraft) says you need 1/4 cup spread for stuffing.  What healthy alternatives are out there instead of the use of butter or margarine.  Can I do the stuffing w/o any spread at all? 

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I wonder if you can in cream of mushroom soup instead.

Or perhaps you can try some reduced fat milk.

Can't do the mushroom soup :( Sisters are allergic.... but the reduced fat milk doesn't sound too bad. 

Still a little hesitant on what to use.  Maybe I don't need a spread or alternative, just water?

If this is actual "Stove Top" stuffing, my daughter makes it all the time without any spread, butter or anything.  Don't add anything to replace it or if you think it will be too dry you can add just 2 or 3 tablespoons of water or broth.


Yes it is! Thank you!  I'm not good with cooking :/ LOL.
Then I'll leave it as is.  I'll just add water.  Oh and it says the dry mix is 110 calories.  So if I don't add anything, will 1/2 cup of the prepared mix still be 110?  Or does the stuffing get smaller or something?

My girl makes Stove Top all the time for lunch.  She doesn't use water at all...she subs veggie broth and it is fantastic.  No other ingredients added.

I really have no idea if this would work, but what about substituting apple sauce like in baked goods?  I know that a lot of stuffing recipes use apples so the taste shouldn't be that bad.  It might need a little water too though since I'm assuming the butter is supposed to melt.

Yeah, as a matter of fact, I was thinking about apple sauce b/c the do subsitute in bake goods.  But then I was thinking that the stuffing would taste a little too much like apple.  Not sure :T

Sounds like a good idea though..

The box say's it makes 6 servings.  If you prepare it with just water and divide it into 6 servings after it's cooked it will be just 110 calories per serving. 

The whole box prepared with just water would be 660 calories.  If you serve 12 small servings they would be 55 calories each.  And if you serve 3 large servings they would be 220 calories each.  


btw, Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Have a blessed joyous day!

I realize it is a little late now but next year you may want to try making your own stuffing. It's pretty easy and no chemicals or sugar plus it tastes much better. :)

Basic stuffing is, cubed dried bread, celery, sage, salt, pepper, and chicken or veggie broth.  Pretty easy, a quarter the cost of the box stuff, and much healthier.

You can find some really great recipes out there for easy basic stuffing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yeah, I wanted to, but I'm not much of a cook, and this was kind of last minute planning.  But I definitely will look online for healthy homemade stuffings.  With maybe ezekiel bread.

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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