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solution to soggy sandwiches?!

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i want to start making my own lunches as the school caf is just downright nasty when it comes to "food". what i've recently noticed is that whenever i try to make sandwiches, wraps, or pitas, they always get soggy from the moisture from the veggies (i'm a pescatarian, i usually stay away from fish as well, so they're pretty much vegetarian all the way). i usually make the sandwiches in the morning right before i go to school, so around 7:30, i guess? lunch is at 12:30, so there's a good 5 hours in between. why is it that when i buy sandwiches from stores, they're always...dry...and not nasty and soggy like my own?
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im not really sure, but i think it's because when you rinse the veggies you don't let them dry all the way before putting them into the sandwich?

maybe someone else will be a better help

could be the moisture from the veggies -- and the lack of preservatives....  whenever I can, I pack my "fillings" seperate and assemble the sandwich right before I eat it.
Yes, I know what you mean. My mum used to do it all the time. So this is what I do

Pack the bread in a baggie filled with dry ingredients (wiped down lettuce, sprouts, cheese, wiped down cucumber (but not next to bread. But that in between lettuce) For really soggy ingredients like beetroot, mashed pumpkin, spinach fetta mixes, and tomato, pre-slice and put in a little container/zip-loc. Your other choice is to pack it really well so only the comlpletely dry ingreidents touch the bread (wrap the tomato in lettuce) but its easier adding it later. Also you can try to wrap the bread in paper towl, not plastic, as if your lunchbox heats up, the moisture will condense on the plastic and soak in. With the paper, it can escape or that will soak it up

I like beetroot and cheese soaked tho :D

If you really can't stand it, try other lunches - pitas, pasta salads. Get little dividers in your lunchbox. Google bentox box for some great ideas. There's a vegan lunchbox site which has ideas too.
I hate that too!  I always pack my sandwich fillings separate from the bread and assemble them, nice and fresh just before eating.  If you carry a paper towel in your lunch bag, you will have a clean surface to work on, no matter where you eat -  Great on a picnic.
i have a few tips for this:

-the night before, wash and cut up all your vegetables and put them in a tupperware with a papertowel at the bottem. when you make your sandwich in the morning, they will not be wet enough to make your sandwich soggy.

-also, wash a leaf of lettuce and make sure its REALLY dry, and line all of the bread with it. then place the ingredients over the lettuce so none of them touch the bread.

good luck!
I second claire's suggestion to pack the bread and wet toppings separate.

Or, what I do is toast the bread. Then, it's no longer spongy and doesn't suck the life out of my veggies! I find it works decently. I just love toast, so veggies on toast is heaven for me. :)

Or, you could try using wraps, instead. Popping your wrap in the toaster will also make it hold better and pack more of a crunch.
doesn't anybody find it awkward to assemble sandwiches on the spot though? it's like, everybody's watching you with your hands, kinda icky, lol, but i'm thinking that's the only solution.
I toast the bread first too. Works like a charm. 
Yeah, I also don't like to assemble at work.  I do what thea said w/ the lettuce - make sure it's really dry & then use it to line the bread so that nothing moist touches the bread itself.
If you must create sandwich or wrap ahead of time you can put a layer of fat (yes, not a bad word here) between bread and ingredients.  Mayo works great.  If eggs are a problem due to vegetarianism then a small amount of non-transfat spread like SmartBalance might work.  The fat acts as a moisture barrier.
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