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side dishes for cheese steaks? *sigh*

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For New Years' Day dinner, my family is having homemade cheese steaks *sigh... don't you just LOVE the holidays? haha*
I have a pretty good strategy that always seems to work out well for whenever we have this dinner- hollowing out the roll, avoiding the cheese, stuffing the sandwich with lettuce/tomato & just a bit of meat, & avoiding all but a few fries- but I really want to make a side dish or two that is really low-cal so that I will actually be eating something that I don't feel guilty about & that I can eat a good amount of.
Of course, a side salad is a given, but does anyone else have any suggestions of really tasty, low-cal side dishes that would ideally go well with a cheese steak dinner?

I've browsed through a lot of recipes & nothing's really hitting me.
Thanks in advance everyone!
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A slaw type salad tossed with light dressing might be good.  It would add crunch to offset the heavy sandwiches.  I'll keep thinking about it and see.
I haven't come up with anything except the usual salads, but I'm thinking a that a beautifully arranged platter of roasted vegetables with a fat free yogurt dip might go well.  You could do roasted potato wedges instead of fries?  I'm thinking of roasted asparagus, red and yellow peppers, potatoes, carrots cut in sticks, and wedges of sweet onion.
how bout baked beans.....It's not super low cal but it's reasonable

Any time you have a sandwich a nice creamy soup wouldn't be bad. 

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