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how to replace white flour with wheat bran?

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How can I replace white flour with wheat bran in the recipe?!?

Ingredients: 1 1/4 cup wheat flour 1/4 cup all purpous flour Half a cup applesauce 3/4 cup Splenda 1 1/2 cups mashed bananas 2 tsp baking soda 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 cup fat free egg beater (I plan to replace this with 1 real egg and one egg white, probably less processed that way :) )

I want to replace the white flour with wheat bran. I have problems uhhh, moving, so I thought this way I could get more fiber :) I'm scared the wheat bean would dry out the taste :/ should I soak it in milk? If so how much? I can't drink milk in large quantities. I can in small :)

Ugh. Should I just leave it?? What should I do?? This is my first time baking :O
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Well it's not my first time baking but I'm slightly inexperienced. :P

you have an ED and are trying to make the lowest cal baked goods possible-ridiculous! your probably "not moving" because your not eating and have nothing to move! do you understand what everyone has been telling you?? i dont think you do youve posted/asked like 40+ questions about all sorts of ED sh5t and its ridiculous your profile should be deleted if your not going  to even make a slight effort to recover just GO AWAY your not wanted here with ppl who are here to get healthy!!!!!!! this is NOT a friggin pro ana site


i want to add stop w/the compulsive lying! or watever your doing! first of all the recipe is mostly wheat flour/fruit etc so plenty of fiber to begin with! i know from experience all the little ED lies hun. wheat bran is the lowest cal "flour" and is barely edible! you have other post where you say your intolerant to dairy, nuts and pretty much everything yet u freak out over 10 extra cals in laughing cow cheese (dairy!) and your trying to be a vegetarian too? you really think you can live of plain veggies and splenda?your goal weight is a bmi of 15! im not stalking your post but you start soooooooooo many threads!!!!!! i just want to know WTF? you have an excuse to not eat just about every food! this is not a pro ana site! wat do u not understand? you have an eating disorder  im in a ranting mood but im not going to rant because ill probably never stop and you never respond when ppl are being honest with you like i am so guess what? ill copy and paste this on every thread u start if i have to. im not a mean person-ive suffered with a ED myself and im glad to help those who WANT TO BE HELPED but u dont want to be helped. u just want everyone to tell you how to make yucky superdiet food so you can be "superskinny" like ur screen name and how to stop "binging" etc. im done now

You'd have better luck replacing the white flour with 100% whole grain whole wheat flour. By using 100% whole grain, it will have the bran and germ in tact. Baking with wheat bran alone will result in a tough baked good.


this post has NOTHING to do with my other ones. im trying to bake a freaking cake, stop hating on me! All i wanted to do was replace the white flour with wheat bran. REALLY now.

truthfully i know it will only make like a 60 calorie difference but i dont really care... its like 5 calories per slice. . . i really dont care. . . and i dont eat as much splenda anymore. . .


im just worried about the dryness of my cake. i want it to be super moist and yummy :) would wheat flour make it dry?

If you really don't care about the calorie content, just use regular flour that the recipe calls for.

I find that if I sub too much wheat flour for white, my baked goods come out too dry or very dense. I've never tried substituting wheat bran for flour, though.

Is that the original recipe or have you made substitutions for ingredients? I think you should use real sugar instead of splenda and some kind of fat (butter).

No that's the real recipe. I got it from my favorite site (hungry girl).

The reason I want white flour gone is because we don't have any at home and it feels like a total waste to walk all the way to the store, buy flour and come back (we did the groceries yesterday and I totally forgot) and I was just thinking wheat bran because I have problems moving.

Should I add some sort of liquid to counteract the wheat flour? I heard its dryer or something...

You should stop using recipes from dieting sites and start using real ingredients (like sugar). It's a cake, after all.

There are plenty of recipes out there that use all whole grain flour in cakes. They also have other ingredients to make the texture lighter and fluffier. Are you dead set on making this particular recipe?

There's enough liquid in the recipe already, so just do a 1-to-1 swap (wheat bran for white flour). I'd be more concerned about using so much Splenda than a little white flour. Note that white flour has more gluten than wheat, so while the cake will be fine (not overly dry), it might not be as tall as expected. Definitely don't fiddle with the baking soda.

I tried hungry girls recipes, one word. Nasty. Sorry. I did exactly what your doing at my lowest, I would look for recipes high and low and try to substitute EVERYTHING and would eat diet food and convinced myself it tasted " good " when in reality it was really super nasty. Like today I made banana bread, sure I could substitute all the sugar for Apple sauce but I only did half and used BUTTER. It's alright to eat NORMAL food. Honestly, a little sugar, white flour and such will not hurt you. Sure not the healthiest but it's not like you eat the whole cake...

whats the point in eating cake if its not even **** cake? and im not hating im speaking the truth ur trying to make some sweet carboard sponge not a cake blehh

i mean really why do u want to make a cake like that? its because of ur ED no ones fooled! cakes supposed to taste good so why purposely make it taste bad?

Original Post by supwrskinny:

No that's the real recipe. I got it from my favorite site (hungry girl).

The reason I want white flour gone is because we don't have any at home and it feels like a total waste to walk all the way to the store, buy flour and come back (we did the groceries yesterday and I totally forgot) and I was just thinking wheat bran because I have problems moving.

Should I add some sort of liquid to counteract the wheat flour? I heard its dryer or something...

There's your first problem

Ditch the splenda and processed crap.

Well it's in the oven now. I'm so excited! I took all your suggestions into consideration. I ended up using 1/4 wheat flour, reducing the salt (my dad wanted a peice when it was done he cant have salt) and never adding the vanilla (couldn't find it :( ) Also I added a little oil to it. :) I'll tell you how it goes in a couple of hours :D
Oh so it's a cake, is there frosting then?
Absolutely delicious. It was amazing. I'm deffff making this again. :)

My whole family had a piece. My mom loved it, my brother ate almost a quarter of the cake (!!!) my sistat thought it was ok and my dad liked it but thought it was too doughy. It was very doughy but I undervalued it purposely because I like the cookie dough consistency. :)

And no frosting we have no butter and no icing sugar lol. I had ice cream with it ( actually a lactose free but free ice cream! I just found it when I went to the grocery store today I'm really happy because I'm allergic to everything :D)
Undervalued= underbaked. My iPhone does weird things.

Hi :)


ok i tried this recipe and ive got a comment: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

i too underbaked it, it tasted cookie doughish! When servad warm, and fresh, with a little bit of real butter its super savoury and rich.

what i did is use all wheat flour, no oil (just 1/2 a teaspoon to grease the pan) and used 1 egg and 2 egg whites to replace the eggbeaters, and i used homemade applesauce. really really good. no GREAT. GREAT recipe. i loved it!!!


ill be making this again, thanks for sharing!!! :D

Wow, I was just searching the internet trying to find out what the ratio would be if I used 1/2 cup of bran in my zucchini bread recipe how much flour would i need to take out.  My husband has high cholesterol and I try to put bran where I can as it is really helping get his rate lower (of course exercise, good diet and medication are also helping) but we try to lower it by eating better where we can.

And this is what I see, a posting of nothing but hating on this person for her ED!  This is not the place for that!  Sometimes a substitution is just that a substitution and we shouldn't have to explain why we want to know, we just do and that should be good enough for all of you!  I don't need to tell you why I want to use bran in lieu of flour, I should just be able to ask the question if anyone knows what the swap ratio is and get an answer.

Never did get my answer but did find a good site to try counting my calories, something I have never done before but as I am now 53 I wouldn't mind keeping my fairly good shape.

I made my zucchini bread by taking 1/2 cup of the 3 cups flour and replacing 1/2 cup with bran.  My concern was that the recipe with the zucchini (which releases liquid when cooking) would not bind or raise well by substituting bran in place of flour.  I just hope works out.  I always have taken a recipe and made changes to it like adding more spice, nuts etc. in this case I decided to add some cardamom and some cloves along with the cinnamon, I think the diversity of the flavors will be good.

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