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How do I reheat leftover pot roast without drying it out?

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Anyone have any tips? I always end up with beef jerky whenever I reheat leftover meat.
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Slice it and heat it in some beef broth.  It needs moisture.  I'd do it in a microwave safe bowl with a lid, only long enough for it to get hot. 
Claire nailed it.  That's what I do.
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If you are health conscience

1. Take what you want to eat out of the refrigerator as soon as you think of eating it.

2.  Pre-heat your oven.

3. Wrap it in foil, add a little water in the foil with the meat or food you plan on re-heating.

4.  Place the foil in a glass dish or on/in  an oven proof dish, or just on the oven rack with another piece of foil under it as long as you have sealed the foil with your meat or food you are going to heat so that it does not leak. (Which is easy to do)

5.  Heat and eat. (If you are forgetful, use a timer)

I  am not a fan of the microwaves we have been using them far too much.  Although microwaves emit what is considered an safe amout of radiation, think of all the years you have been radiating yourself.  It adds up over the years.  You can even heat up other foods in the oven by placing it in foil, adding a litter water to the bottom of the dish you place it in, the steam from the heat moistens the food while the oven heats it, takes a little more time but if you put it to habit you will find your food that you cooked the old fashioned way tastes better, and is healthier for you.  Have you noticed cancer is on the rise in one form or another.

Also, break out a pot or two for heating other foods the way we used to do.  Believe me you will be lengthing your life by lessening the possibility of developing health issues. (From someone who has seen too many people develop Cancer, and leave here too soon.)

I know you didn't ask for all the above, however, I care about people and sometimes we forget we must take our own health into our own hands.  Although there are a lot of products created for our convience, our health should be our first concern.

I have an implanted cardiac device (pacemaker/defribrillator).  Three cardiologists tell me that microwave ovens are safe.  That's good enough for me. 

By the way, microwaves use electromagnetic radiation, just like radar. This is not the same kind of radiation as Xrays, radiation treatment for cancer or radiation from nuclear energy.  Microwaves can burn you if you are directly exposed, just like they can heat food.

Consumer Reports Microwave Safety - general explantion

OSHA - Microwave Safety - includes scientific papers on the subject

FDA - Consumer Information

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Hi Clairelaine,

Read your reply, hope you didn't take offense.  I still am not a fan of microwave's, however, I have found heating up food the old fashioned way makes the food taste better.  I have read about micro's and have re-read the information you left about micro's as well.   Guest I'm just more of a naturalist when it comes to my food and other products.

If you trust your cardiologists, then follow their advice as I am not a doctor.  But I'd like to say I do my research too and I only thought you were looking for a way better to reheat your food while leaving it moist.  If the micro works for you, I say go for it.

As far as your implanted cardiac device (pacemaker/defribrillator), I wish you the best of health with that.  I'm sure you have the best cardiologists one can hope for in situations such as yours.

 Again, I didn't mean to offend you about microwaves.

Absolutely no offense! I like a good discussion with more than one side. I don't use my microwave that often, but I'm not about to give up the easy convenience either. 
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