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Recipes using muesli?

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ok muesli was on special and i kind of went a little bit over board, anyone no any good recipes using muesli?
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What type is it?
Toasted? Plain? Tropical?
You can just use it like porridge.
Sprinkle it on yogurt, cottage cheese or fruit (makes good snack, I just had it on a chopped up kiwifruit)
You can bake in into the top of muffins
You can roll it with PB and honey instead of oats to make energy balls
You can eat it dry (loves!)
You can shove it into a baked apple, or bake on top of apple slices
You can add it to a bread mix to make fruit and oat bread

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Its free and low fuesli, different to nomral stuff, not made from oats s.html
Ah ok!!
:) Lashed out huh
How about making a 'museli' bar using honey or peanut butter.
Isnt muesli kinda higher in fibre? I thought you needed low fibre?

Banana Cake 
2 Bananas
2tspn honey (or golden syrup)
2tspn Olive oil (could sub for some apple sauce)
1tspn Vanilla extract
1 1/4 cups gluten free SR Flour
1 1/2 cups Monster Muesli Free & Lo  plus extra 1/4 cup Monster Muesli Free & Lo Mash bananas and mix in honey, vanilla and oil.  Stir through dry ingredients, pour into non stick loaf tin.  Sprinkle with extra Monster Muesli and bake at 175 degrees C approx 25 mins (until a skewer comes out clean).

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The low fibre things probably only going to last a week or two and it was on special, this one hasnt got oats in it as well so i dont think its quite as high fibre as they normally are
Should be able to use like normal muesli but in non-wet recipies (as the rice krispies will melt)

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