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Okay, so I have realized a long time ago that buying bulk pulses = good and cheap.  I've been buying it often, and varying the types I buy for a while, but I'm tired of making soups/chilis and salads for meals using them, and bean brownies/pure bean-and-sugar desserts out of them.  I have considered making savory baked cakes out of them, but I don't know what to eat them with and don't have a grater/shredder to add the texture of other vegetables with them.  Any interesting recipes anbody wants to suggest for meals using pulses?  I dislike bacon, can tolerate ham, and like any other meats (although pork would be a last resort as well).  I would prefer a recipe with ground turkey in it, since I have a lot in my fridge, but I'm open to anything. =]  Oh, but I dislike Mexican and Indian food usually.  Sorry I'm so picky Embarassed

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try cooking red lentils with canned tomatoes. I use stewed or herbed  for already present seasoning if I'm in a rush. depending on how much lentils you add it could be so thick it can be like a dip or thin like a soup. Leftover meat is a quick addition( I love a few frozen shrimp).  If the flavour is not that strong for your taste add some bullion cubes/powder for a very quick fix.  I know you said you do not like Indian, but try with just a little bit of curry powder/paste/sauce  ( heat curry powder in a bit of oil/ butter to bring out the flavour)-it will eliminate the need for salt or bullion( they usually are heavy on salt). Other vegetables can be added-eggplant or Zucchiniis especially good if it has a curry flavouring. Extra onions and garlic is also good. I have not tried it but using green lentils might work with an Italian or french type herb flavouring.  red lentils definitely for a curry style.


Okay, what are pulses?  Please educate me! I just know that I'm glad I have one!!!  LOL

Pulse is another name for dried legumes, beans, lentils, dry peas, etc.

Italian White Beans and Greens

This can also be made with any large bean an any dark, leafy green, such as kale or chard.  It was a meatless Friday meal when I was growing up, sort of a cross between a soup and a stew.

Roasted Chickpeas

A crunchy snack.  You can do this with cooked fava beans too.  It does take a firm textured bean though, so I wouldn't try it with smaller, softer beans.

You can incorporate pureed pulses into your spaghetti or pizza sauce, in small amounts, to add protein and fiber.  If you don't put in too much, it's not noticeable. 

Roasted Beets and Kale with White Beans

If you don't like the strong, earthy flavor of beets, this may not be your thing.  It is very pretty though, and the beets give the beans a purplish tint after tossing.  A few shaved parmesan curls would finish this off nicely.

"Drunkard's Lentils"

This is something I came up with to imitate the flavors of pad-kee-mao (translates to "drunkard's noodles", thus drunkard's lentils).  The flavors are very fresh and it's ridiculously hearty.  This recipe makes two huge portions (depicted) or four smaller portions easily.

I also love Roasted Chickpeas.  I mix up different spice blends (depending on my mood) to toss them with for variety.  I dry roast mine, rather than toss them in oil before roasting, and lightly coat them with olive oil spray after they are done just to make the seasonings stick.  I've found it helps keep them crunchier longer (IF you can resist eating all of them and need storage).  

Do you have a food processor?  I haven't got a recipe up for these, but I also enjoy taking pinto and black beans and pureeing half of them, then folding in the remaining quantity along with chopped shrimp, onions, garlic, whatever suits your fancy.  You can mold them into patty shapes and refridgerate them so they will maintain their shape, then lightly dust them with cornmeal and pan fry them until the meat inside is cooked.  They make great bean burgers.

And of course, hummus isn't limited to chickpeas.  There are plenty recipes for delicious bean spreads for sandwiches, wraps, crackers, raw veggies...I've even used it as a pizza sauce.  

Carrot and chickpea salad -- mix grated carrots with chickpeas, lime juice, salt, pepper, optional ground cumin and/or raisins.

"Greek" chickpea salad -- right after cooking, mix hot chickpeas with bottled vinaigrette.  When cool, add chopped tomato, cucumber, red pepper, red onion, olives and feta.

Try du puy lentils - harder to find, but tastier.  I cook them separately and mix them into brown rice and smoked turkey sausage jambalaya.  (I am a recipe-free cook, so I don't have a recipe, I adapted one from recipe-zaar)

flybee, you're my kinda cook!  I always improvise and change things.  I do like the Greek style salad idea, but will have to skip the feta because of salt, darn it. 

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