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recipe websites???

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Do you have a favorite site you go to for healthy recipes? I think I've done all the damage I can with the recipes on CC and I'm having a ball trying to teach myself how to cook.
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You've probably seen the magazine....
Um...yep...flgirl beat me to it.  :-) CookingLight is the best.  In fact, as sad as it is, I hardly use my cookbooks anymore.  The magazine is fun - it has a lot of stuff other than recipes in it, but all their recipes are online for free.
My favorite is isn't too bad either. for me - I've never been disappointed with what I've tried, yet.

Another possibility, but they give you limited information, if you don't subscribe to the website.  A handy site/magazine if you're learning to cook.
calorie king, go thru the low kj ones), recipezaar (sorted to healthy ones) and of course, google (heh!)

they have a ton of recipes from every extreme but what I love about them is that if there is a way to make it low cal or light they will have a "healthier option" tip at the bottom of the recipe.  Plus, most of their recipes have the nutritional info on them. 
I always consult our parent company, cooking
Thanks guys. I'm so excited. I'm going to check them all out.
I use Meals Matter   It has some pretty good recipes. is good, too.  It stands for Dottie's Weight Loss Zone, largely weight watchers based.  Speaking of which, weight watchers is good, too.
Some of the recipes have to be extensively modified to make them healthier, but has awesome ideas from Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines.

edit:  when you do a recipe search, the search results can be sorted by different choices, of which "healthy options" is one.

This site has some very creative ways of faking some of your favourite fast food meals at home. Some are delicious, some are a bit of a stretch... but it's worth checking out. I recommend their grilled cheese sandwich, popcorn shrimp, and chicken parmesan.

I don't recommend their chicken fingers ?? they're only a few calories less than the frozen, "pub style" kind you can get at the supermarket and don't taste nearly as good.

Lots of great ideas :)  This website is cool because users rate the recipes and give tips on improving them.  Plus, the website provides nutritional info on every recipe.  I've had very good luck it.  Also, if you want to pay for a subscription (I do and it is SO worth it), check out .  This is the America's Test Kitchen people.  They make each recipe over and over until it is perfected.  You can find lots of lower fat (or similarly modified) recipes on this website.  And if you subscribe to the site rather than the magazine, you get access to their archives.  I've never had one of their recipes fail on me.
Try and click on 'recipes' at the top

This wesite has some great recipes if you have certain veg you want to use up.
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