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Recipe: Layered Taco Salad (low fat version)

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Layered Taco Salad

You will need a platter with a rim.  A large pie plate works fine, or any platter that has a little depth.  The size of the platter will dictate the amounts of ingredients, so I haven't included measurements.

Spread fat free refried beans (canned is fine) in the bottom of the plate.  On top of this, spread salsa, leaving a 1" edge so the beans show.

Next layer is sliced olives, again leaving a border so the other layers can be seen.  Next layer, guacamole, top layer fat free sour cream, topped with thin slices of jalapeno peppers. 

You should be able to see a little of each layer around the edge of the platter.

You can be creative with this and put the layers in any order, or add or leave out ingredients as you like.

The usual way this was served (way back in the 80s) was with tortilla chips.  To cut the calories, offer leaves from hearts of romaine to serve as scoops.  Rounds of cucumber work too.
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thank you thank you thank you!!!!  mmmmm.. i think i have all the ingredients here (except guac and i can't have that right now anyway.. too much fat for a gal takin xenical.. hehe) but i'm so gonna make it. with the cucumbers AND the romaine.. man i'm hungry now.. maybe i'll take it with to the next party i go to .. mmmmm.. :) 
Put a spoon on the platter so people can heap it on those romaine leaves.  Tacos gotta have lettuce!
UMmmmmmmmmm! That really does sound right up my alley and I have homemade guac right now...

I'll just smash up some vegan beans and have a "blast"...heheheh
ewwwww.. that's a bad reference kristym!  hahaha.. i bet that would give someone the toots.. but i don't care.. it sounds devine.. even the hubby said, and i quote, "mmmmmm.. sounds good!"  heheh.. :) 
my sis in law used to out cream cheese instead of sour cream, it was really good too but would be hard to get with the romaine.  I love the romaine idea!

I have one word for you - Beano!
I made a similar version of this:

1 Pkg FF Cream Cheese

1 Cup FF Sour Cream

1 Pkg. Taco Seasoning

Mix these together and spread on the bottom of plate.  Top with salsa, lettuce, tomato, onion, LF Cheese, and sliced black olives.
yummy. I've made similar to that one as well.
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