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How do you cook quinoa? What's the difference between red and white quinoa? Any good recipe ideas?



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Quinoa is one of my favorite food discoveries of 2008.  I use it instead of rice in many recipes and prefer the red variety.

For recipes, just surf the Web; there is quite a bit of information out there about quinoa itself, in addition to recipes.

I'm surprised more people don't know about it and that it's hard to find.  I have to get mine at the local health food store.

FYI -- Quinoa has a tiny little husk(?) that some people don't like.  It seems to be one of those foods that your either hate, or you love.


Put the dry quinoa in a fine mesh strainer and run water over it to rinse well.  The measurement is the same as rice - 2 parts water to 1 part grain.  Bring the water or other liquid to a full boil and put in the quinoa. Season if you wish. Let it come up to the boil again and then turn it way down, cover and leave it be for 20 minutes. 

When the grain is cooked, it will look like tiny, tight coils.  Fluff it with a fork and serve.

I just bought some red quinoa from Whole Foods Market and I'm hoping it will have a slightly different taste, like the difference between white and brown rice.  We'll see!

I like to cook mine with an onion, garlic and chicken broth.
Never had the red quinoa.  But they sell it at our local bulk barn.

Spoiled Candy -- that's how I normally cook mine too!

I like to have it for breakfast with an over easy egg and a little bit of cheese on top. SOO good.

I also have a recipe for a sweet quinoa, you cook it in vanilla soy milk and add dried cranberries to it, kind of like an oatmeal. I have the recipe at home, I'll post it later if you like.

Like the first poster, explore the internet a bit, there are tons of recipes for quinoa out there!

Quinoa rocks!!  I first had it in Ecudaor (in the Andes mtns where quinoa is grown) and fell in love with it! 

There are certain brands that come with a little recipe guide inside with 4 or 5 recipes, or like a previous poster mentioned, just surf the web.  I prefer the white quinoa over the red (there is a slight difference in flavor), but I guess it is all personal preference.

One of my favorite recipes is quinoa jambalaya, mmm, mmm, mmmm (which was on the little recipe insert I mentioned earlier)!!  Another is 6/quinoa-soup.asp , which I varied to my own liking, adding other veggies (diced potatoes, corn, peas, cabbage) and cilantro (instead of parsley) for example.  Basically I looked up quinoa soup recipes and tooks bits of ingredients from them all to create my own 'Frankenstein' soup!

Good luck and enjoy!

some people like it cold and sweet with yogurt and fruit. Haven't tried that yet.

I saw a recipe a few days ago on my blog feed for a brekkie-styled quinoa.

They cooked the quinoa in milk and water with a touch of brown sugar and cinnamon, then sprinkled it with crushed walnuts.  I bet adding chopped dried apples would be delicious as well.

I've been replacing couscous with quinoa for about 2 years now, since they come out about the same size and texture (well the bf doesn't see a difference so what he doesn't know won't hurt him!).  There are all kinds of salads you can make with fruit, beans, chopped veggies, etc.

I've also baked it with brown rice for an especially nutty, toasty, phenominal side.

I also add it to soups too instead of rice or barely.  It's a really great, versatile little power grain.

I can find white quinoa in my regular grocery store, but I haven't seen the red variety yet.  

There is a Quinoa and Black Bean Salad recipe that I added to the recipe section on CC. I ate it all summer long-it is  a bit spicy but you can tone it down if you don't like so much spice. It is so yummy with fresh corn off the cob.

i absolutly LOVE this recipe: r.dyn?action=displayRecipe&recipe_id=1157 593

i'm not even a quinoa fan, its just an amazing dish in general!

Hi, I discovered Quinoa in Jan this year as a trainer at the gym recommended it apparently its high in protein.  I found great recipes for it on its a great site. I make tabbleoh ( not sure if thats how you spell it soz) but substitute the cous cous for quinoa.  Also use it to thicken soups and stews.



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