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protein to go with sweet potato?

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I wonder if I'll get replies soon enough as it's 8pm and I'm looking for dinner options... but while I sort through Google's responses, I'll give this a shot:

I have a sweet potato. I want to eat it for dinner, and need an idea for how to make a balanced meal out of it! (read: add protein) What goes well and is easy to put together and tastes good?

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Ok, this is my FAVORITE meal ever and I've been dying to share.

Do you have Fage brand greek yogurt where you are?  If not, use non-fat plain yogurt.  I put a half cup of it on top of a baked sweet potato and it's like sour cream.  Top with salt and you're golden.  Hope you like it, I think it's awesome, and really filling. l (here's the nutrition label for it)
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Unfortunately I had already figured something out ... and don't have any plain yogurt on hand... but I'll try that next time, it sounds good! I could have also probably used fat-free sour cream?

I made fries (baked) out of the sweet potato, and had a tuna burger and some avocado. It was really good!

Thanks for the advice!
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