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how can I prepare cabbage juice?

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any ideas please?? I need to drink plenty of cabbage juice for my ulcer. can I buy it? how can I prepare it?  

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Jesus Christ that sounds horrible. I imagine you can boil, puree and sive it? Um. Good luck with that.

That doesn't make sense - who told you you need to juice it? Why couldn't you just eat cabbage (what difference does juicing it make to your body, I presume you eat other solid food? Are you supposed to avoid fibre for any reason?)

I love eating cabbage, but the thought of juicing it sounds horrible. In terms of recipes for cabbage:

 - salad made with finely shredded raw green cabbage, seasoned with a bit of oil and lemon juice

- red cabbage, also finely shredded, than sauteed with a grated apple and a touch of honey

- added to stir fries

I would also recommend sauerkraut, but I know it's not for everyone's liking. I am Eastern European so I grew up with it - it's a great winter dish.

yes, you can buy cabbage juice; sometimes called sauerkraut juice. if you have a Whole Foods near by check them out and see if they carry a drink called "digestive juice". ours has it in the juice section, but i've only found it at one of the locations.

personally i won't touch the stuff, but my hubby LOVES it; just as a drink, not for any medicinal purposes. it use to be easier to find, but i'm pretty sure there is  a low demand for it. LOL

I dont' think you can boil it, it needs to be RAW cabbage juice for an ulcer (btw EWWW, sorry).  I think you need to buy a juicer in order to actually juice it.  I just did a quick google search and that was what I came up with.  Sorry I can't be of more help...but the good news is if you get a good juicer then you can start adding other yummy juices to your diet.  Oh but make sure if you get a juicer its the right kind of juicer for leaf vegetables.  There are like 3 different kinds, some for fruits like oranges, some for other fruits/veggies, and some for leaf veggies I think...I looked into juicing a while ago and I remember reading that.

Thanks ladies for the replies. I have an ulcer and it is getting worse so I started to read medical books on ulcer diets. All of them recommend raw cabbage juice. Actually, it is not that bad. I tried to boil cabbage and eat it and it was ok.

freshbakedpi: thanks. It is not that bad anyway. my ulcer hurts me and I need to do something about it. I read that cabbage juice heal the stomach.

skp_here82: thanks for the recipes. A high fiber diet is highly recommended for ulcer patients. I don't really know why I should drink cabbage juice instead of eating it but that was mentioned in many resources


.satyrswoman: actually raw cabbage juice is different than sauerkraut juice which is fermented cabbage juice:) but thanks for the idea. I will check " Whole Foods" store, maybe I will find something.

dovelette: I must agree with you. I shouldn't boil the cabbage. It sounds like I need a juicer but what kind of juicer ? I doubt that I can find a juicer for cabbage :) so the question now what is a good juicer for leafy vegetables?



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.satyrswoman: actually raw cabbage juice is different than sauerkraut juice which is fermented cabbage juice:) but thanks for the idea. I will check " Whole Foods" store, maybe I will find something. 

 good luck. i know that the old brand my husband use to drink was called sauerkraut juice, but this new one (digestive juice) is not. he said it does have a slightly different flavor (sweeter) that the old one, maybe it's not fermented.

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I clicked because I was wondering why anyone would WANT to drink cabbage juice....but clearly you don't want to...

If you juice it, can you add other things to the juice, or must you drink it plain??

Maybe adding carrot juice or apple juice (I'm not sure what kinds of juices you can handle, most are pretty acidic), or maybe making it more savoury by juicing herbs like basil and cilantro with it?  Or ginger, that would be a great way to hide the taste (if you like ginger). 

You should probably drink rather than eat so that your body doesn't have to break anything down and can easily and quickly absorb whatever it gets from it before stomach juices and disgestion get in the way.

I found this website that has a good explanation of the different kinds of juicers. l

However, be warned that it is a commercial website selling juicers so there's bound to be a sales pitch in there somewhere.  The information is still very good though.

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I have an ulcer and when I get my pain and burning I take mastic gum and marshmallow root supplements and in 20 minutes pain is gone.

Aloe vera is also great. Now I am trying to kill the ulcer causing bacteria by taking broccoli sprouts , L-carnosine and cabbage juice. Antibiotics didn't help. When I kill the bacteria I am planning on taking stuff to heal stomach good. Then some probiotics and enzymes should clean it all out good.


Great plan, now if all would work according to the plan, things would be great.

Point of the story is.. kill H.pylori because that's what caused the ulcer.!!!

My whole family just tested positive for H pylori but lucky them they will kill it before it causes ulcers in their stomach (unlike me).

also , drink kefir a lot. 

but do you know if this  pylori bacteria can be killed or it is just a matter of balancing bad and good bacteria in the gut? 

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Sorry, but did you find a remedy for this?

Hi, upsan. yes, cabbage juice helped me a lot. you should try it if you have an ulcer. I also avoided coffee, any thing acid, and i followed my doctor instructions. 

You need a Green Star juicer. That's the best in the market, because it extracts the juice without losing all the valueable vitamins and minerals. It is quite expensive, I bought it around 300 usd here in Greece. But it is worth an investment for your health.

I have never tried cabbage juice, but I am sure it tastes great mixed with carrot juice.

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Just take Glutamine capsules. That's the active healing agent in the juice

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