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please help with fish recipes

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please help, i used to cook my fish mostly dipped in flour and then fried in oil...that is the way we like it. but since starting this diet, i have not cooked that way because of the oil. i put various spices i like on it and stick it in the oven, sometimes i add a bit of lemon too. i would like to know some other ways to make white hammour, perch, cod type fishes, halibut. oh ya, i used to cook halibut with butter and almonds. that was sooo yummy, but now that would be crazy, way too much calories. im getting bored with fish, and i like fish, even tonight everyone was like...ya it was 'ok'...(but they are all thinking that they wish they could have some of my old recipes of fish). so please, some help on healthy low cal ways to make more interesting dishes with my white fish of various species. no problems with salmon, i like it bakes or barbequed. oh yeah, i grill it sometimes too, but that is roughly the same taste...just no enough flavour to reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy enjoy it anymore. thoughts? suggestions?

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