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Pancake Mix + Club Soda?

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Hey guys, I bought whole wheat Pancake Mix at trader joe's today, and I was wondering if it would work to add club soda to the mix instead of eggs, water, and oil, along the same principle as the Diet Coke Cake.

Yes? No?

Can anyone let me know before tomorrow morning?
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Haha, I hope it works :)

I know I make "oatmeal pancakes" with just oatmeal, bit of flour and water, skipping the eggs, milk and water. But its just not pancakes.
Interesting idea.  Will you try it and let us know how it turns out?  I'm thinking you sort of need eggs to hold the pancakes together and help them rise. 
Grr... By the time I got up, my dad had already made them, and not only made them the regular way, figuring "Oh, Robin will eat these, wince they use egg whites (AND 4 T. OF CANOLA OIL!)" but also made the mix into waffles instead of pancakes!
I had a hell of a time figuring out how many calories per waffle (5 freaking HUNDRED) and ate 1/4 of one.  So 125 calories, and some dissapointment later, here I am, still unsure whether or not club soda would have worked.
I still don't see why it'd be any different than cake mix though. 
Cake is baked. Pancakes are fried. The batter may not stick together - you may need to reduce the amount of liquid by ALOT, just so it doesnt go runny everywhere. Also, I dont know what the soda will do when fried.
i'm very interested as well.....i think one of us should conduct an experiment
FIVE HUNDRED?  Thats insanely high for a waffle, were these gigantic waffles or something?  I made pancakes the other day, had no sugar so I subbed in honey instead (higher cals for equal amount), and they only came out to about 130 calories per-pancake (1/4th cup batter per pancake); I know waffles use a bit more oil, but 500?!
In my family, we always made crepes with sparkling water (instead of milk), but kept the eggs and the oil - the water made the crepes fluffier. I'm not sure whether the same principle applies to pancakes, but I am curious to find out....
irisica - I actually found a pancake recipe like that online that used club soda instead of  milk, but kept the eggs and oil....   I thought maybe since mine were from a mix, I could ditch the oil, because I also found oil-less pancakes, and the oil does add about 400 calories to the batch.

Maybe club soda for the milk and applesauce for the oil and eggs?  vegan cooking?
I have used part-club soda to reduce calories in many ways-stretch 4 oz of real fruit juice by adding club soda or ginger ale, but be careful of the sodium count.

I also  bought a crepe maker and used the club soda in the batter-same flavor as pancakes and you can eat so many more--also without sugar for "wraps".  Also add a little nutmeg to the pancake batter for flavor.
Radbird 191 - I would just go ahead, see what happens, then come back and share with us :) The worst it can happen is that you get some not so good pancakes - then, you'll know you won't make them again :) Or play with the recipe a little more, add a tiny bit of oil instead of the recommended amount, something like that. Did you try finding a vegan recipe for pancakes? Here's a recipe that you can start with:

Beverly18 - I love the nutmeg idea; will definitely try it. 
My dad used to make them with club soda all the time, they're so much better and fluffier. Keep the egg and use the oil (or melt some unsalted butter, ICBINB, etc), just cut it down to say a teaspoon. Use the same amount of club soda as you would the milk and that's it. Very good!
I'm glad someone has actually done this!  I've made pancakes from scratch using egg beaters or egg whites, and it comes out fine.
This is a receipe I've had since 1965 !!  7-UP Pancakes      & nbsp;      

1/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup oil/ 1 tsp salt. 2 eggs, mixed together

then add: 1 1/4 cups flour, 11/2 TBsp Baking Powder, 1 cup milk 1 cup 7-UP.  Beat well.  If batter is too thick, thin with water.

Just bring this into 2007 with non-fat everything and Eggbeaters.
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you can just use water. my boyfriend uses just the mix and water all the time.
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you can just use water. my boyfriend uses just the mix and water all the time.
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