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any one have any 200 cal lunch ideas??

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kepp in mind i am pretty eggs (but i like omlettes) no tuna and it has to be very quick :)

thank you!!
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I am really into tofu right now.  I marinate it and then bake it at night.  I take that too work and have broccoli with it.  for 200 cals you can go long way.  Also turkey sandwhich.  This sounds silly but I will take a slice of bread and split it in half (not the normal way but so you end up with two thin pieces (one for the top and one for the bottom).  That way I save the cals from eating two pieces of bread :)
you do that too? i split the pieces too!! sometimes its hard though
Pepperidge Farm makes a Low Calorie bread.....Soft Wheat or White Style... only 45 calories in each slice!  So you dont have to keep splittling the slices!  :)  
I love the South Beach Diet Wrap Kits. They are yummy and all under 250 calories or less. The Sesame Chicken has 220 calories-it's my favorite. The turkey bacon wrap is my husbands favorite. They are surprisingly satisfying. We had one last night with a salad that had cucumbers, tomatoes and the salad sprizters, plus cantaloupe for under 350 calories and it was YUMMY and really filling.
the wheat bread I buy is from Nature's Own and it has extra fiber and it only has 40 calories per slice! I make a turkey and cheese sandwich and the whole thing is 180 calories!
Broil a few chicken breast cutlets and have them for lunch in a sandwich or cut up in salad.  Have your salad ingredients ready to put together so you don't have to waste time washing and chopping.  Make a batch of soup and freeze it in portions for a fast warm up in the microwave.
Looking at ur pics, u do not need to lose any weight at all. You should be happy with ur body. And 200 cal lunches are not good unless you make up for it in snacks or in a big breakfast/dinner. To stay out of starvation, you need at least 1500 calories a day. Going under that will only slow your metabolism and put you at risk for heart failure after a while. Sorry if it sounds harsh, but you need to stay healthy.
I love to eat these little bags (100 calories) of Healthy-Pop popcorn.  Drink a nice big glass of water and I'm good to go for another 3 hours or so.  Also, I'll toss a chopped apple into some low-calorie vanilla yogurt for around 180 calories.  Some days if I need more protein I'll eat a South Beach Bar, they are 140 calories and now they have some snack bars for 100 calories.  You can roast a lot of broccoli with some 0 calorie butter spray, a little salt and some seasonings for very little calories.  Hope this helps!
    My favorite quick lunch is STIR-FRY.  Easiest way is to buy ready made chicken strips(kind of expensive) or cook a bunch of the cheaper chickens on the weekend or whenever you have the time.  Then for lunch I simply throw about 4oz of the chicken with onions/peppers/tomatoes on the stove . Can also add whatever extra spices and vegetables you have around.  Usually end up with a massive plate of food for only around 200 cals.  
I guess this is probably cheating since it's a receipe forum but have you tried the frozen Lean Cuisine entrees?  I live off them.

Forgive me if that is an inappropriate response ...
I'm normally not a big fan of prepackaged meals but in a pinch, I have to agree with deegarman.  The best is the roasted turkey breast with mashed potatoes and veggie blend.  It is actually really good and only 200 calories.  They are making them without preservatives now which is a step in the right direction, I guess.
seriously 200 calories?

That's just silly.  Assuming you are eating the MINIMUM your body needs, that breaks down to 400 cals a meal.  Maybe 300, with two 150-cal snacks.  Unless you're eating a huge dinner, and trying to save cals.  in which case, I totally understand :)
? Why do you want to eat only 200 calories for lunch? That seems awfully low to me, along with your goal weight. Be careful you aren't going too far with weight loss; for your height you seem to be at a perfect weight right now.
Rice cake with a laughing cow ligh garlic and herb cheese thing, 1/2 cup cottage cheese with a table spoon sugar free jelly, and a tossed salad with wishbone 1 calorie spray or vinegar or lemon..


any sort of an open faced sandwitch on light wheat bread (35 kcl) w/ mustard, and a salad or cottage cheese.
you are way too small to be losing that much weight! Its your height that puts you at 130 you are not fat!
the BEST are south beach diet wraps and lean cuisine hot meals :)
where do yo uget the south beach diet wraps??
the grocery store
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Young Lady stop abusing your body and eat sensibly...200 cal for a growing kid is toooo less.
Lots of veggies and a little tofu... mashed kidney beans with bbq sauce in a small pita with lots of veggies...  if you like omlettes...then try an eggwhite omlette with tomatoes, onions and peppers - and have an apple for dessert.

FYI, I don't think a 200 cal lunch is out of line... but only if that's because you had a larger breakfast (or are planning a larger evening meal) and are trying to balance out the amount of cals you eat in one day.   I had too many cals at breakfast this morning (450), so I'll try to eat around 200-300 for lunch and then have my normal afternoon snack... and be back on track. 

Make sure you eat the amount of cals required for your height/weight and don't go below 1200 cal per day ...
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