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Oatmeal prepared the night before?

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Hey guys!

I was wondering if it's possible to prepare oatmeal the night before and then just re-heat it for breakfast. Anyone ever try this?



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I've done it with steel cut oats. I got the recipe from joy of cooking, and if I remember correctly, I used a different amount of water (can't remember if more or less), brought it to a boil, added the oats, removed from heat and covered and left it over night. In the morning, I just reheated on the stove for a few minutes.

It was just as good (maybe better, b/c steel cut oats take so long to cook, we often eat them before they are quite done).

I've had little success with reheating regular oatmeal.  I use old fashioned rolled oats and the leftovers all solidify and are hard to get back to creamy texture. 

I agree that the best oats for this are steel cut, or whole oats.  Both take a long time to cook and are easier to reheat.  I've cooked a pot of whole oats with a finished texture somewhat like brown rice, and reheated 3/4 cup for breakfast in milk and brown sugar, with raisins.  It's satisfying because of the chewy texture and extra fiber.

I question whether it would work with regular, too.  I seem to remember trying to heat leftovers a long time ago, and not liking the result.

But steelcut oats, it's FABULOUS.  But don't do regular cooking -- that takes a while for steelcut oats.  Just toss it in a slowcooker on low just as you're going to bed and you have hot oatmeal waiting for you in the AM.  I like to add raisins in the beginning, too--they plump up and are so tasty that way.


I have a reciepe in the clean diet book that is for overnight in the  crockpot. I haven't tried it because my crockpot is so huge and it could make a months worth :) Its recommended to only do about 2-3 days worth. Keep it in the fridge and reheat. I have cooked up some and put in the fridge and reheated without using crockpot, I don't add any sweetner or anything else so for me its the same..plain flaver LOL :)

I do this with steel cut oats all the time.  My recomendation for reheating is to put a wet paper towel over the top before you microwave to keep them from drying out.  If reheating on stove top a little liquid added may be a good idea.  I don't like regular oats nor quick cook, but I love steel cut ones.

I know oats are a very good source of fiber, but unless I put tons of sugar in cooked oats I cannot tolerate the taste or texture!  however, I still eats 1/2 or one cup daily.  I just don't cook them at all.  I love them eaten as a cold cereal.  I just add a cup of milk to rolled or old fashioned oats and eat away.


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Similar to Magdaline, I eat my oats cold, but I soak them overnight (1/2 cup oats, 1 cup low fat soy milk).  The next morning they have swelled up and absorbed most of the milk and you can just add a little dried fruit, or seeds or banana or anything and it's delicious.

Sure it`s possible! Whenever I have classes from 8 it`s what I do to save some snooze time.

I use steel-cut oats, and before going to bed I brew a fresh cup of green tea, mix 1/2 cup oats with 3/4 cup of tea, cover, microwave for 45 seconds, and leave covered at room temperature until morning. I find that in the morning the oats are nice and fluffy as they have soaked up the liquid nicely, so I mix them with whatever (usually 1 tbsp cinnamon and half a scoop of choco whey powder), top with a cup of cold skim milk and enjoy.

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