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Need a Dessert Recipie for a Get Together Tonight!

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Honestly, I wasn't even aware I was invited, and I'm sort of stuck with short notice on this. I don't really have any family recipies with me, and the ones I do have are sort of weird (aka: for vegans, celiac disease, gsd, and other special dietary issues) because myself and most of my family and friends have some sort of restrictions on what they can eat.

Anybody know of some good recipies I could share with the group? They all live in a sort of cooking community, and honestly I don't do much with cooking, even though when I do cook I seem to be rather successful.

I want something creative, but practical and in a college students budget, and don't really know where to start. I'm sure I could share some recipies for vegan, gluten, and sugar free cookies, but somehow I don't think any of them would make them. XD

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you could do some kind of fruit crumble.. those can be made pretty healthy and are good to serve a lot of people.  You can use any kind of fruit you like really, peaches apples or pears work well.  You can google recipes, but here is one I found really quick rman/apple-crumble-recipe/index.html

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