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Low Carb Eggless Bread Recipe

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Does anyone have a low carb recipe for "bread" that doesn't use eggs? (egg substitute is okay).

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I'm not sure if you'll find it. Grain free breads usually use some combination of seeds & nuts so without eggs, there's nothing to bind them. you could try googling recipes for "Paleo Bread" (like this one) and testing the recipe using chia seed "eggs" instead.

I saw this recipe and I want to try it! Do you think egg substitute would work? Like the kind in the carton?

A carton of egg sub is just egg whites with colouring so it might work. I have made this bread before and found it quite egg-y. Read the comments below the recipe and lots of people noticed the same thing.

Okay thanks for the tip!

You want to eat low-carb, but you want to eat bread? How about eating some real FOOD? And why no yolks? They're the best part of the egg with all the nutrients.

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