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low calorie sandwiches

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In my lunch for school usualy has one of these three sandwiches:
1.Ham, lettice, whole-weat bread, tomato
2.Left over chicken breast on whole weat bread
3.Turkey, lettice, whole weat bread, tomato
Wow! Big sellection! I have been eating these for almost 6 months now and if I see anouther one of these sandwiches I swear I am going to explode. I don't care what type of sandwich it is, as long as its under 300 calories, I wont feel bad about eating it. So please, I beg of anyone, help!
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I make my sandwiches on Thomas' hearty grains english muffins.
I love the honey wheat. They have great flavor.
Thre are 130 calories -1 g fat - 2 fiber & 5 protein

I also love their whole grain bagels for sandwiches. I prefer both toasted.

My favorite sandwich lately is a 3 oz turkey burger with mustard - slice of grilled onion & kraft fat free chedar cheese & a pickle!

I have been using my George Forman grill to cook on and I also put my sandwich in there for a few seconds to make it nice and hot!

Total of only a few minutes to prepare.

I pack my lunch for work everyday. I usually take a veggie burger on 100% Light Whole Wheat bread 2 slices are 70 cal. I also like romain salad mix roasted red peppers and banana peppers and other veggies with 1tbs of light ranch dressing stuffed in a pita. Also portobella mushroom sandwich grilled off. Just get creative. Bring leftovers. Sometimes I make my own little "Lunchables" with whole wheat crackers 2% milk cheeses and corned beef or any other low soduim type deli meats they have. Also a fruit and veggie salad are nice. Strawberrys and thinly sliced red onion and spinich with fat free poppyseed dressing. I hope you like some of my suggestions.
Whole wheat panini bun
spring lettuce mix
hot ring peppers
sliced pickles
red wine vinegar
salt and pepper

I got the idea from Subway the only difference is I gut the bun and take out all the soft stuff and fill it with as many vegetables as I can! YUM
Try this:
- Whote wheat pita bread, half (70 Kcal)
- Chopped carrots, half a cup (25 Kcal)
- Sliced mango, 1/4 of a cup (25 Kcal)
- Any low cal spread (I like paprika spread), 2 spoons (30-60 Kcal)
- (Optional) Any meat or cheese. I use one slice of prosciutto to get an overwhelming taste, but it is not very healthy. (60 Kcal)

Total: 210-240 Kcal, or 150-180 Kcal without the meat.
You can make a "dip" out of fat-free cottage cheese, snipped fresh chives, dill, garlic powder, and any other herb you want (including cayenne pepper if you want it Mexican style). Whirl it up in a blender until it's smooth. Stick it in a pita with cucumbers (which have all of like 9 calories per half cup:), grapes or red peppers, and anything else you want. It's got protein and little or no fat, and it's not too high in calories.
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Try this one out....  I get English Muffin Bread from Trader Jos 90 cal a slice and toast two slices.  I scramble 2 egg whites 17 cal each.  put them on the bread with a slice of kraft fat free american cheese 30 calories and enjoy!  It tasts like an egg mc muffin but better!!  Total is 244!

I saw this insane bread @ King Soopers............30 calories a slice, and they are BIG slices. So if you want low calorie....then they're you go. If it's @ King Soopers, then it is also available at, City Market, Krogers, or Piggly Wiggly.

 I go for BIG TEXAS TOAST. It's about 110 cals a slice I think?? I never looked, but yeah, provides the fixins of a tastyyy sammich=]] Throw on some pb&j, then I grill it in a pan like grilled cheese, so its a grilled pb&j sandwhich. nice.

Sandwich with eggplant, tomato and a veggie burger is scrumptious. Hummus is really tasty too as a nice spread.

This may sound kind of funky, but it's actually pretty good. Mix some purple cabbage with greek yogurt...and plop that on a sandwich, yum. :P


I get low-cal whole wheat bread, 2 slices for less than 130 calories, with 2 slices of soy cheese,which is less than 100 calories each, so I get a very low cal grilled-cheese sandwich :)

Sometimes I add spinach too

this is more of a breakfast sandwich but you could have it for lunch or brunch.

- 1 whole wheat english muffin (100-120 calories)

- 1 slice canadian bacon (20 calories)

-1 slice cheddar cheese (100 calories or light for 60 calories)

-1 egg (70 calories) or 1/4 cup egg substitute (30 calories)

Total 210 - 310 calories

-- i was making these for my boyfriends for breakfast every morning for a while, very filling!

2 slices sara lee lite wheat bread-- 90 cal total

2 slices kraft fat free swiss-- 50 cal total

3 slices center cut bacon -- 70 cal

1 tbsp miracle whip ---------40 cal

sliced tomato ------------------10 cal

2 slices fat free turkey ------50 cal

Okay, so I went over by 10 calories......but it's one of my faves

This is my favorite sandwich ever. It sounds kind of weird, but it is really good if you like the salty-sweet combo!

2 slices Natures own double fiber wheat bread- 100 cals

1 slice Butterball turkey bacon- 25 cals

2 slices Oscar Mayer smoked turkey- 33 cals

1 slice 2% milk cheese- 50 cals

1 tbsp low sugar strawberry preserves- 40 cals

spinach leaves

Total:248 cals

You can substitute the strawberry preserves for cranberry sauce too and it's like a leftover thanksgiving dinner sandwich! has some good ideas for sandwiches also!

this is sort of similar to the one above me...

whole wheat pita - 60cals

1 tbsp whipped cream cheese - 30cals

1 serving whole berry cranberry sauce - 90cals

2oz deli turkey - 60cals


...240cals. i pop it in the toaster oven for a few and top it with a couple squirts of butter spray when it comes out. so good!

Summer Sandwich!

Toasted Wheat Pita 150 calories

Sliced Cucumber/shredded carrot/sprouts/green peppers, etc.

1 T light cream cheese (70)

Lawry's garlic salt

Toast pita.  Spread cream cheese on inside.  Stuff with veggies & sprinkle lawry's salt on veggies.  YUMMY.


Summer Sandwich 2

Healthy life wheat bread toasted (70 cal)

Big fat slices of tomato from farmers market

Light miracle whip 2 T (40 cal)


WONDER bread makes a light whole wheat that is 40 calories per slice. I started a new diet and exercise plan today, but I don't want to just eat the same thing all the time when I'm home because I know I'm going to get sick of it quick, so I'll probably eat YOUR turkey+lettuce+tomato on whole wheat few times a week. Like you, I want a few variations of sandwiches that are low calorie but include a protein(salty)+veggies.

you can make a great wrap or pita pocket using a couple of the low fat chicken meatballs, hummus, spinach leaves, and some diced cucumber and tomato tossed with a little seasoned rice wine vinegar ( and onion if you like it raw i dont). This also works great with chicken ... i bake chicken breasts in the oven at 350* for about 25-30 min in a 1 inch deep pan with some lemon juice and white cooking wine and herbs and then what i dont eat for dinner i dice up and put in the fridge for the sandwichs. Also, the leftover chicken works great to shred and mix with a little garlic powder and season salt and light mayo for a chicken salad. Or you can make tuna salad i get the 80 calorie individual serving tuna things and mix with 1 tblsp light lemonaise and dill pickle relish and put on a light wheat bread with tomato ( or if your at home i use thinwich things and split them in half divide my tuna salad in half add 1/8th cup 2% mexican cheese blend to each half then throw them in an oven for a few min till the cheese melts and voila low fat tuna melts). Another thing i make is BLTs on light wheat bread with turkey bacon, tomatoes, lettuce/spinach leaves, sometimes some avocado. Sometimes i use fat free sour cream ( tillamook makes one that is actually good and not runny ) and mix it with the dry ranch powder mix and use that on sandwichs ( 20 calories for 2 tblsp so its *almost* free) that is also good with veggies.... hidden valley ranch makes a fiesta ranch powder that is a spicy kind of mexican flavor that is amazing mixed just with fat free ranch ... i have about 30 people at my work eating it on everything from salads ( mixed with salsa its an awsome dressing ) to burritoes to veggies to sandwichs lol.

70=2 slices nature’s own 35 calorie whole wheat/honey wheat/white/9grain

25=1 tbsp dried cranberries

40=1 tbsp miracle whip

140=7 slices of fat free turkey OR 2 slices of fat free turkey and 1 egg

10=1 cup of iceberg lettuce shredded or I just use around 3 leaves

=285 calories

Cranberry mayo = Blend your favorite mayo with some dried cranberries in a blender or food processor for a sweet hint. Using too much will overpower the turkey so experiment with how much you want. I haven’t tried it with other dried fruit, but I’m sure dried apples, raisins, apricots, peaches, pears all will be just as tasty.

Original Post by jurnyunlork:

Cranberry mayo = Blend your favorite mayo with some dried cranberries in a blender or food processor for a sweet hint. Using too much will overpower the turkey so experiment with how much you want. I haven’t tried it with other dried fruit, but I’m sure dried apples, raisins, apricots, peaches, pears all will be just as tasty.

 Even better... mix mayo (or Greek yogurt) with some good quality cranberry sauce. You get cranberries + all those spices!

I like that little bit of extra fiber you get with dried fruit, but yeah, sauce would be good too

2 slice whole wheat bread (100-140 calories)

1 tbs kraft chipotle mayo (40)

2 oz ham (60)

sliced mushroom/onion/peppers/tomato



2 slice ww bread

1 tbs PB

1/2 sliced banana


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