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What am I to do with a 5lb bag of red potatoes?

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I don't know what was in my head when I bought those lol. I cant eat 5 lbs of potatoes before they go bad and remain on track with my eating.

Any ideas what I can do with them besides making potatoe salad and taking it to a party?

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Slice thinly and place on parchment paper in microwave 4-6 minutes. Turn and Microwave 1 more for burning.sprinkle with salt or Parmesan cheese for chips. Otherwise share 5 lbs. with friends and neighbors!

I don't really eat potatoes...but here.

make vodka. 

Sure you can.  Potatoes aren't bad for you, just the sour cream, butter and extra crap we throw on them.

roasted potatoes are awesome, especially with garlic.  You can then turn around and pan fry those same potatoes the next day with a bit of olive oil.  Make mashed potatoes with some of them by boiling them or roasting them, use broth and garlic and rosemary instead of butter and cream.

Once you've cooked them they'll freeze just fine for leftovers or quick side dishes for another time.

Thanks everyone for your great ideas. Vodka? hahahah~good one :)


I like the roasting and freezing idea. I am on disability income and don't have much money to spend on food so would like to keep the potatoes if I can and freezing them sounds like a good idea to use in other dishes, soups or eat alone.

Boil or bake them (with the skin) and just eat them...  (plain).  That's what I do.  They're a good source of fiber and potassium.  Potatoes are only unhealthy because of the stuff people put on them.  

I usually throw my potatoes in the crisper drawer of my fridge.  They will keep for a pretty long time.  I bet my current back has been in there at least a month. 

More good ideas.....thanks

I will eat one tonight. Thats one down LOL about 30 more to go

Recipe wise I chop red potatoes up, and toss them with some balsamic vinegar a little extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and red onions with some seasoned salt. Roast them in the oven and they're different from normal potatoes. c:

Original Post by kindal:

More good ideas.....thanks

I will eat one tonight. Thats one down LOL about 30 more to go

Potatoes will easily last a month. Eat one a day for 30 days. Don't load them with butter or sour cream and you've got a nice source of vitamin C and potassium, along with a decent amount of fiber.

Potatoes freeze horribly! 

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Potatoes freeze horribly! 

You can't freeze them fresh. When they thaw, they're awful. You can make mashed potatoes and freeze them. They'll reheat well. Soups and stews with cooked potatoes freeze fine as well.

Throw a potato party!

Invite over a couple of friends and set up a Potato Bar. Just bake a bunch of potatoes, split them down the middle and set up a buffet of toppings for the baked potatoes and let your friends go wild. Some great toppings could be chilli, low fat cheese, sour cream, ham bits, tuna, mayo, low fat salad dressings ect. I've always wanted to have a potato bar. there are so many yummy ways to make a great meal really quickly. :)

You all have great ideas. Potato bar is fun. The balsmic on them sounds yummy. Thanks everyone.

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Red potatoes just went on sale, so I bought a couple. I've been craving some greasy fried restaurant nachos and a basket of fries and thought, why not make my own? I cut a large red potato into wedges, heated a small pan of light olive oil to sizzling (but below smoke - that's the advantage of using the light oil), and fried the wedges until tender. Half were eaten for dinner with fried clams, the other half for breakfast with crabmeat au gratin under the broiler. And I no longer crave the salty, infinite calorie restaurant food. This doesn't use up red potatoes very fast but it's another thing to try.

I like to bake them and instead of butter and sour cream, I use salsa and sometimes I bake them and put a tad amount of low fat cheese on it, and I like to boil the small ones with fresh green beans.

I also like to make potato soup using low fat ingredients which I freeze in serving portions and take one to lunch with me. Sometimes I will slice them really thin and spray them with cooking spray, season and bake.

I like the potato and green bean combo thanks :)

I like home- made potato wedges.  You cut the potatoes into wedges, leave the skin on, it's good for you).  Put in a ziplock bag with 1/2 a tbsp of miracle whip (20 calories) and a few shakes of seasoning salt.  Put on a cookie sheet you have sprayed with pam.  Bake at 400 for 25-30 minutes until crispy.  Depending on the size of the potato, it only comes to 120-200 calories a serving.

Potato pancakes are also filling and cheap.  1 grated potato will make about 2 pancakes.

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I don't know where you live and how the temperatures are there, but here (mittel Europa) potatoes were and are the main stapple food for the entire winter - because they keep well! My father usually buys 300 lbs/winter and my parents eat them almost every day. They don't need to watch the calories, but heck, a cup of boiled potatoes in salty water is a meagre 67 kcal! Of course this number skyrockets if you put cream or lard over them but why would you?

I make a lot of minestroni and soups, perfect for wintertime if you're cold. You can combine with anything (these are probably quantities for 1 person, I'm just throwing ideas around):

1. 1 potato, 1 leek, 1 onion

2. 1 potato, 1 onion

3. 1 potato, 1 wedge of a smaller pumpkin (mash it when it's done and sprinkle some black pepper or chili powder over it, yum)

4. 1 potato, 1 carrot, some garlic

Well, you get the idea and I didn't even start with the legumes family that will give you a thicker, more of a hearty soup. My mother always counts 1 medium potato/person when making it as a side dish: dice, throw in the pan with some olive oil and you have a low cal + filling company to your chicken breast. Or grill the chicken breast with some olives in the pan, take the chicken out, toss the boiled potato dices in the pan.

A couple of things when storing the potatoes: cellar is best, cover them with a cloth so they don't freeze. If the potatoes freeze, they get sweet and develop green spots - not good. In this culture we don't freeze the home-cooked variety either, but that's another thing, we don't even like to refrigerate it and eat it warmed up. If they start developing sprouts, no problem, cut them off, but make haste with the consumption. Of the abovementioned 300 lbs/winter app. half gets covered with a fine powder that prevents sprouting, and if some of them start actually growing, my father just plants them in the garden and has some lovely baby potatoes in the early spring ...

Bye, Kitty

What a great idea!!!!!

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