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Help -- Dough Not Rising

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I made this recipe this morning. For a focaccia dough that you mix, knead, then "leave to rise until it has trebled in size, about 1 to 1.5 hours".

It's been sitting for 1:15... and doesn't seem to have changed in size at all. :(

What did I do wrong and how do I fix it???
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some days when I make doughs and bread, the weather just seems to refuse to let the dough rise. If its not the recipe causing it, leaving it covered in a dish clothe in the sun, or in the stove (first turn it to bake at the 200' and let it heat for like 2 minutes, then turn it off, then put the dough in, covered with a dish cloth).

but, I am no expert... someone else may have better advice 
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I have it in the oven right now with the heat set to "Warm" and the oven door open. I'll see how that does....

The other possibility is you killed the yeast with water that was too hot, or that your yeast wasn't fresh.  If this is the case, then you'll have to throw it out.  Just make sure it's not too warm in that oven!

Baking bread isn't precise.  It depends on room temperature a lot.  Let us know if you finally get some action!

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If anything I think the water was too cold. And I used yeast from the same packet in something else that seems to be rising fine... (both today, the packet hasn't been sitting out or anything) so here's hoping!

Edit: the dough also tastes pretty salty. (The recipe called for 2 tbsp, which seemed like a lot, but I put it all in.) I remember reading somewhere sometime that salt slows down the yeast rising action. Could it have killed it altogether? Should I just make a new batch...?

Edit #2: instead of 3.5 cups flour I used 2 cups all-purpose white and 1.5 cups whole wheat flour. Could that have something to do with it? (Guess it'd be good to know before I try to make another one.)
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No action... on the first OR the new second batch either!! WHY???

I am off to the store, will buy some new yeast and try again... sadness :(

Could you guys read through the recipe and see if there's anything obviously wrong?
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Good news!

The second batch rose :) (the first never did, I threw it out)

I made rolls with half of it... they are yummy!!!!!!

With the other half I might bake it flat with red onion, red pepper, cheese in the middle.
glad it worked for you on the second batch! As far as the temp of the water for the yeast, it MUST be luke warm, a bit warmer than room temperature. If you use regular yeast, it turns out better if you add the yeast to the water with a PINCH of sugar and wait about 2 minutes. When it starts to bubble and smell bad, it's perfect. This is called "proofing". Since this recipe did not call for sugar (even a tiny bit will "feed" the yeast and make it rise beautifully) and instructed you to add the flour and the yeast and make a well, I would suggest using "instant yeast" it costs the same as regular yeast and is usually right next to it on the shelf, but does not require any "proofing". Sounds like a great recipe! I think sun dried tomatoes on it would be yummy as well!
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Actually, it turned out really yummy (well the second batch did). :) I used half the salt the recipe called for and substituted whole wheat for about half the flour and I used a bit less olive oil. Anyway... it came out great and funny you should mention sun dried tomatoes because last night I "stuffed" it (stretched it flat, put filling on half, folded over) with:

caramelized onion
sundried tomatoes
goat cheese

it was delicious. Needs some basil/herbs, a bit of salt & pepper. But it was REALLY GOOD!

In the meantime, I also made this recipe: Fig-Pecan Rolls that takes a little longer... and it didn't rise either. :( The base that you wait 24 hours for seemed fine (it was spongy/bubbly when I started to work with it) but when I mixed up the dough last night it didn't rise... WHAT GIVES??? I am trying again with new yeast. I guess I should buy instant next time. Is instant not as good for some reason?

that's really odd that it was bubbly and working then didn't rise.  I've made dough and refrigerated it, and it rose overnight in the refrigerator in spite of the cold.  I have no explanation at all.  Don't you hate throwing out a batch like that?

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Yes!!!!!! Especially since it has the figs and pecans kneaded in already ... since you are supposed to knead them in and then let rise. :(

I haven't thrown it out yet though -- it's sitting on the baking sheet in balls. Maybe I'll try to bake them anyway... it made balls a little over 1" in diameter. Perhaps they'll expand enough in the oven to pass for rolls?

And I'll see how they compare to the second batch too I guess :)

I have never had much luck putting dough in the fridge. Mine always ends up not rising.  Cool that someone can! Instant yeast is not better or worse, just different. I like it better because I seem to screw it up less!  I sure hope those yummy sounding thing rise for you. If you left them out all night they surely should have risen, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you can roll it flat and bake it as a heavy flat bread? good luck and let us know how it turns out!

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Wow -- it finally worked...

and they are good!!!!

I actually baked the ones that didn't rise, too. I think there was less dough there (long story) and more figs so they are sweeter and taste more like a doughy cookie. I couldn't stop eating them today. The real rolls are more roll-y... SO GOOD. I have to go brush my teeth before I have any more :)
I'm so glad it worked out!  I love figs so I hated the idea of it going to waste.  You did really well!  And thank you so much for reporting back.
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Reporting back again: these rolls were a hit at dinner! 
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