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Greek Yogurt Add-Ins

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I love greek yogurt but I'm getting a little sick of the same variations every day.  I usually add splenda and cinnamon to plain Greek yogurt or frozen berries and sugar free vanilla syrup.  Does anyone have any favorite toppings for their greek yogurt or some fun unique ideas?

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I use a dribble of honey or chopped banana, but it sounds like you're trying to avoid sugar.  You could also go savory and add a little feta cheese and spices.

325 grams sugar free, fat free vanilla yogurt, 100 grams canned pumpkin added to 100 grams plain Greek yogurt

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You can have savoury versions.

Plain greek yogurt+ garlic to taste+chopped cucumber+mint/dill/parsley or whatever herb you like= tzatziki

Diluted tzatziki can be served as a cold soup, goes very nicely as an accompaniment to rice pilav dishes.

I also like yogurt with finely chopped spring onions.

Strawberries chopped, 1 tbsp oats and 1 tbsp wheat germ. Some sweetener sometimes.

The sky is the limit!

Some of my favorites (you can add sweetener to these if you like - I do not):

apple sauce, cinnamon (or apple pie spice), real vanilla essence

raw cocoa nibs (or cocoa powder), unsweetened coconut flakes, almond extract

frozen (thawed) peach slices, almond butter, allspice

diced plums and toasted pine nuts 

mashed banana, cinnamon & allspice, slivered almonds


Chunks of mango and passionfruit is one of my favourites. Though you could add sweetener if you prefer it.

Otherwise I blend frozen raspberries and greek yogurt together in the food processor and it makes raspberry soft serve.


fruit is always a winner in Greek Yogurt. You can mix it in yourself or buy it with fruit already mixed in. Blueberry Chobani is my favorite! I also like Greek yogurt mixed with cereal. Honey is good in it too!

If you want something more dessert like...try mixing in a vitamuffin! So good. Or cocoa powder!

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